Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Dependency Linguistics (Depling 2017), September 18-20, 2017, Università di Pisa, Italy

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 139 (2017)

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Redaktör(er): Simonetta Montemagni and Joakim Nivre

Publicerad: 2017-09-13

ISBN: 978-91-7685-467-9

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 296


1 Capturing Dependency Syntax with "Deep" Sequential Models
Yoav Goldberg

2 Syntax-Semantics Interface: A Plea for a Deep Dependency Sentence Structure
Eva Hajicová

3 The Benefit of Syntactic vs. Linear n-grams for Linguistic Description
Melanie Andresen; Heike Zinsmeister

4 On the Predicate-Argument Structure: Internal and Absorbing Scope
Igor Boguslavsky

5 On the Order of Words in Italian: A Study on Genre vs Complexity
Dominique Brunato; Felice Dell’Orletta

6 Revising the METU-Sabanci Turkish Treebank: An Exercise in Surface-Syntactic Annotation of Agglutinative Languages
Alicia Burga; Alp Öktem; Leo Wanner

7 Enhanced UD Dependencies with Neutralized Diathesis Alternation
Marie Candito; Bruno Guillaume; Guy Perrier; Djamé Seddah

8 Classifying Languages by Dependency Structure. Typologies of Delexicalized Universal Dependency Treebanks
Xinying Chen; Kim Gerdes

9 A Dependency Treebank for Kurmanji Kurdish
Memduh Gökirmak; Francis M. Tyers

10 What are the limitations on the Flux of Syntactic Dependencies? Evidence from UD Treebanks
Sylvain Kahane; Chunxiao Yan; Marie-Amélie Botalla

11 Fully Delexicalized Contexts for Syntax-Based Word Embeddings
Jenna Kanerva; Sampo Pyysalo; Filip Ginter

12 Universal Dependencies for Dargwa Mehweb
Alexandra Kozhukhar

13 Menzerath-Altmann Law in Syntactic Dependency Structure
Ján Macutek; Radek Cech; Jirí Milicka

14 Assessing the Annotation Consistency of the Universal Dependencies Corpora
Marie-Catherine de Marneffe; Matias Grioni; Jenna Kanerva; Filip Ginter

15 To What Extent is Immediate Constituency Analysis Dependency-based? A Survey of Foundational Texts
Nicolas Mazziotta; Sylvain Kahane

16 Dependency Structure of Binary Conjunctions (of the IF…, THEN… Type)
Igor Mel’cuk

17 Non-Projectivity in Serbian: Analysis of Formal and Linguistic Properties
Aleksandra Miletic; Assaf Urieli

18 Prices go up, surge, jump, spike, skyrocket, go through the roof… Intensifier Collocations with Parametric Nouns of Type PRICE
Jasmina Milicevic

19 Chinese Descriptive and Resultative V-de Constructions. A Dependency-based Analysis
Ruochen Niu

20 The Component Unit. Introducing a Novel Unit of Syntactic Analysis
Timothy Osborne; Ruochen Niu

21 Control vs. Raising in English. A Dependency Grammar Account
Timothy Osborne; Matthew Reeve

22 Segmentation Granularity in Dependency Representations for Korean
Jungyeul Park

23 Universal Dependencies for Portuguese
Alexandre Rademaker; Fabricio Chalub; Livy Real; Cláudia Freitas; Eckhard Bick; Valeria de Paiva

24 UDLex: Towards Cross-language Subcategorization Lexicons
Giulia Rambelli; Alessandro Lenci; Thierry Poibeau

25 Universal Dependencies Are Hard to Parse – Or Are They?
Ines Rehbein; Julius Steen; Bich-Ngoc Do; Anette Frank

26 Annotating Italian Social Media Texts in Universal Dependencies
Manuela Sanguinetti; Cristina Bosco; Alessandro Mazzei; Alberto Lavelli; Fabio Tamburini

27 Hungarian Copula Constructions in Dependency Syntax and Parsing
Katalin Ilona Simkó; Veronika Vincze

28 Semgrex-Plus: A Tool for Automatic Dependency-graph Rewriting
Fabio Tamburini

29 Unity in Diversity: A Unified Parsing Strategy for Major Indian Languages
Juhi Tandon; Dipti Misra Sharma

30 Quantitative Comparative Syntax on the Cantonese-Mandarin Parallel Dependency Treebank
Tak-sum Wong; Kim Gerdes; Herman Leung; John Lee

31 Understanding Constraints on Non-projectivity Using Novel Measures
Himanshu Yadav; Ashwini Vaidya; Samar Husain

32 Core Arguments in Universal Dependencies
Daniel Zeman