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The E-Press series "Electronic Articles in Computer and Information Science" (EACIS) is used for individual research articles and for conference proceedings. The ISSN number for this series is 1401-9841.

The E-Press also publishes two journals in the computer science area, as well as Linköping university dissertations in computer and information science. They however are displayed in other parts of the E-Press webpage structure. They also use other ISSN numbers.

The present structure contains lists of the articles and conference proceedings that have been published so far in the series. Each list contains the author and title information for the article, and a link to the article's cover page, that is, a page that in turn contains links to the full text of the article, successive revisions of the article if applicable, information from the author and third-party information about the article if applicable, and so on.

The URL of the cover page is persistent and will be maintained for the foreseeable future for each article. It is therefore an appropriate and reliable citation for the article.

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