Contributors to the Journal

This journal is interdisciplinary, and we thus encourage contributions from a wide range of fields. All manuscripts sent to the journal for consideration must be submitted in Richt-type format (RTF) or MS Word-format (DOC) and sent as an attached file to Sam Willner ( Tables should be submitted in RTF- or DOC-format. Remember that tabs or insert table function should always be used. If possible, send diagrams as Excel files. Articles may be up to 8000 words in length. Please see the style sheet below for information on the appearance of headlines, footnotes and lists of references. The style sheet consists of three files and can be downloaded by right clicking the mouse.

Word-file in document format (.doc)
Word-file as a template (.dot to install in your computer)
Pdf-file showing how it should look like

Those papers under consideration will be submitted to referees for comments before the final decision concerning publication is reached. Before any article may be published, the author must return two signed copies of the legal agreement between the author and Linköping University, which is legally responsible for Linköping University Electronic Press. One copy will be returned to the author when signed by Linköping University. This process will be handled by Linköping University Electronic Press.
   Linköping University Electronic Press guarantees that issues of the journal will be available in electronic form for a period of at least 25 years. It will be possible to print copies of articles in current and back issues at any time using your local printer. Each issue of the journal will also be printed in paper form and made available to libraries, institutions, the authors and individuals at a reasonable cost. Issues may be obtained by contacting Sam Willner ( The page numbers which appear on the internet copy of the journal will coincide with the page numbers in the printed version.