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Generate a Spikblad for a Ph.D. or Licentiate Thesis Registered at LiU E-Press

By this service you can generate a template to a spikblad.
NOTE! In order for the service to work, your thesis must be registered as a record in DiVA. Follow these steps to register your thesis in DiVA:

  • Log in at the DiVA portal
  • You can change the language to English at the top right.
  • Choose “Add publication / Upload files »”
  • Select type of doctoral Thesis: Monograph or Comprehensive summary (summary with appended articles). Then click ”Continue”
  • If your theis is a comprehensive summary, add appended articles. Then click ”Continue” MARK! manuscripts and pre-print should not be registred in DiVA
  • Fill in as much as you can in the form (we will go through the record, so everything does not need to be added). However it is important that you fill in the information that will be printed in the spikblad. E.g. your name and LiU-ID, thesis title, the thesis series name and number, ISBN, abstract, opponent, location, date and time of the defence and degree.
  • Then click ”Continue” twice until you come to “Review/Publish” Click on ”Submit”.
  • Send an e-mail to ep@ep.liu.se when you are finished. Then we will check the record and publish it.

TIP! When e-mailing us, attach a signed publication agreement if you haven't done that yet. Then we can publish your thesis when it is ready for printing.

When you have got an answer from us:

  • Enter your LiU-ID in the box below, Choose Licentiate or Ph.D. and click on Submit. In your browser a template to your spikblad will now show up.
  • Copy the text by pressing the keys (PC computer): CTRL+A followed by CTRL+C; (Mac) CMD+A followed by CMD+C.
  • Then open your word processor and copy over the text by pressing (PC computer) CTRL + V; (Mac) CMD + V.
  • Open your word processor and press CTRL + V to paste the text. You can now do the final editting in the document before you send it for print.

Enter your LiU-ID (xxxxx00):

Ph.D. Licentiate

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Last updated: 2019-04-17