The Swedish Section for Detonics and Combustion; Fourth International Disposal Conference

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 18 (2006)

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Redaktör(er): Lawrence; David (ed.)

Publicerad: 2007-03-13


ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 90


1 Sustainable development in defence
Wallace; I. G.

2 Physical background of the deflagration-to-detonation transition
Liberman; M.

3 Degradation of explosives in filter columns
Nehrenheim; E. ; Odlare; M.

4 Microbiological degradation of explosives in bioreactor
Odlare; M. ; Nehrenheim; E.

5 Environmental considerations in the Swedish defence
Tryman; R. ; Hägvall; J.

6 Recovery of energetic materials from PBXs
Akhavan; J. ; Tan; G. ; Bellamy; A. J.

7 New ingredients in nitrocellulose based propellants
Langlet; A. ; Latypov; N. V. ; Johansson; M. ; Dahlberg; J.

8 Dynasafe SDC; a proven technology for destruction of chemical and conventional weapons
Ohlson; J.

9 Safe and environmentally friendly methods for the destruction of ammunition
van Ham; N. H. A. ; Colpa; W.

10 Lead and alternatives to lead in ammunition
Qvarfort; U.

11 Surplus ammunition disposal - the threat; international response and options in South Eastern and Eastern Europe
Wilkinson; A.

12 Electro-Optic Detection of Land Mines and UXO
Sjökvist; S. ; Loyd; D.

13 Sustainable and environmentally friendly methods for disposal of explosive materials
Bragberg; R.

14 Disposal of ammunition in France
Michel; M-C.

15 Sustainable recycling of explosives from demilitarisation
Eriksson; P.

16 Deflagration-to-detonation testing and new explosives
Vörde; C. ; Röstlund; S. ; Sjöqvist; C. ; Persson; S.

17 Development of a thermal fuse
Röstlund; S.

18 Detonation of high explosives in a semi-confined space - static and dynamic behaviour
Widlund; T.

19 Education and training of explosive specialists
Loyd; D. ; Sjökvist; Stefan ; Wallin; H.

20 Workplace-based qualified vocational training and education
Randle; H. ; Spak; G.

21 EUEXCERT - Certifying expertise in the European explosives sector
Nilsson; E. ; Wallin; H.

22 Modification of the approach to hazard assessment for energetic materials after 5 years of practice of the EU directive 96/82/CE “Seveso II”
Folchi; R. ; Ferraglio; L. ; Battocchio; M.

23 Energy recovery of municipal solid waste by way of combustion
Johansson; I.

24 Jönköping`s waste-to-energy heat and power plant
Stigmarker; H.

25 The disposal of Melanj oxidizer in Azerbaidjan: NAMSA achievements
Peugeot; F. ; Robert; P. ; Tudes; B.

26 Disposal of surplus munitions stockpiles in Ukraine. NAMSA achievements and perspectives
Peugeot; F. ; Brown; S. ; Courtney-Green; P.

27 The characterisation of RDX recovered from barmine
Busby; A .J. ; Flower; P. Q.

28 Simultaneous desorption of explosives and lead from contaminated soil
Elgh-Dalgren; K. ; van Hees; P.

29 Change of toxicity during seondary treatment of industrial sludge containing nitroaromatics
Gustavsson; L.

30 Detection; uncovering; recovery; transportation and destruction of old chemical weapons discovered in the sea Kanda; Japan
Kitamura; R. ; Asahina; J. K.