Proceedings of the 9th International MODELICA Conference; September 3-5; 2012; Munich; Germany

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 76 (2012)

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Redaktör(er): Otter; Martin ; Zimmer; Dirk

Publicerad: 2012-11-19

ISBN: 978-91-7519-826-2

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 986


1 Fundamentals of Synchronous Control in Modelica
Elmqvist; Hilding ; Otter; Martin ; Mattson; Sven Erik

2 A Library for Synchronous Control Systems in Modelica
Otter; Martin ;Thiele; Bernhard ; Elmqvist; Hilding

3 State Machines in Modelica
Elmqvist; Hilding ; Gaucher; Fabien ; Mattson; Sven Erik ; Dupont; Francois

4 PNlib - An Advanced Petri Net Library for Hybrid Process Modeling
Proß; Sabrina ; Bachmann; Bernhard

5 Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluids using Modelica
Jahangiri; Pooyan ; Streblow; Rita ; Müller; Dirk

6 HelmholtzMedia — A Fluid Properties Library
Thorade; Matthis ; Saadat; Ali

7 Object-Oriented Library of Switching Moving Boundary Models for Two-phase Flow Evaporators and Condensers
Bonilla; Javier ; Yebra; Luis J. ; Dormido; Sebastián ; Cellier; François E.

8 High-Speed Compressible Flow and Gas Dynamics
Sielemann; Michael

9 Gas Exchange and Exhaust Condition Modeling of a Diesel Engine using the Engine Dynamics Library
Dahl; Johan ; Andersson; Daniel

10 Library for First-Principle Models of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells in Modelica
Davies; Kevin L ; Paredis; Christiaan J.J. ; Haynes; Comas L.

11 The Modeling of Energy Flows in Railway Networks using XML-Infrastructure Data
Heckmann; Andreas ; Streit; Sebastian

12 Implementation of a Modelica Library for Energy Management based on Economic Models
Zimmer; Dirk ; Schlabe; Daniel

13 Modeling and Simulation of a Linear Piezoelectric Stepper Motor in MapleSim
Soroka; Orysia ; Wright; Derek ; Vahid; Orang

14 Magnetic Hysteresis Models for Modelica
Ziske; Johannes ; Bödrich; Thomas

15 Motor Management of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
Haumer; Anton ; Kral; Christian

16 An approach for modelling quasi-stationary magnetic circuits
Raabe; Nick

17 Functional Mockup Interface 2.0: The Standard for Tool independent Exchange of Simulation Models
Blockwitz; Torsten ; Otter; Martin ; Akesson; Johan ; Arnold; Martin ; Clauß; Christoph ; Elmqvist; Hilding ; Friedrich; Markus ; Junghanns; Andreas ; Mauss; Jakob ; Neumerkel; Dietmar ; Olsson; Hans ; Viel; Antoine

18 Generation of Sparse Jacobians for the Function Mock-Up Interface 2.0
Åkesson; Johan ; Braun; Willi ; Lindholm; Petter ; Bachmann; Bernhard

19 Designing models for online use with Modelica and FMI
Kittilsen; Pål ; Hauger; Svein Olav ; Wasbø; Stein O.

20 Co-simulation with communication step size control in an FMI compatible master algorithm
Schierz; Tom ; Arnold; Martin ; Clauß; Christoph

21 On the Formulation of Steady-State Initialization Problems in Object-Oriented Models of Closed Thermo-Hydraulic Systems
Casella; Francesco

22 Probability-One Homotopy for Robust Initialization of Differential-Algebraic Equations
Sielemann; Michael

23 Simulating Modelica models with a Stand-Alone Quantized State Systems Solver
Bergero; Federico ; Floros; Xenofon ; Fernández; Joaquín ; Kofman; Ernesto ; Cellier; François E.

24 Fast Simulation of Fluid Models with Colored Jacobians
Braun; Willi ; Gallardo Yances; Stephanie ; Link; Kilian ; Bachmann; Bernhard

25 Modelling and Calibration of a Thermal Model for an Automotive Cabin using HumanComfort Library
Wischhusen; Stefan

26 Holistic vehicle simulation using Modelica -An application on thermal management and operation strategy for electrified vehicles
Bouvy; Claude ; Baltzer; Sidney ; Jeck; Peter ; Gissing; Jörg ; Lichius; Thomas ; Eckstein; Lutz

27 Modelling of Radiative Heat Transfer in Modelica with a Mobile Solar Radiation Model and a View Factor Model
Pathak; Arnav; Norrefeldt; Victor ; Grün; Gunnar

28 VEPZO - Velocity Propagating Zonal Model for the prediction of airflow pattern and temperature distribution in enclosed spaces
Norrefeldt; Victor ; Grün; Gunnar

29 Modeling and Testing of the Hydro-Mechanical Synchronization System for a Double Clutch Transmission
Huang; Hua ; Nowoisky; Sebastian ; Knoblich; René ; Gühmann; Clemens

30 Predicting the launch feel of automatic and dual clutch transmissions
Roberts; Neil ; Dempsey; Mike

31 Modelling of Elastic Gearboxes Using a Generalized Gear Contact Model
van der Linden; Franciscus

32 Revised and Improved Implementation of the Spur Involute Gear Dynamical Model
Kosenko; Ivan ; Gusev; Ilya

33 Accessing External Data on Local Media and Remote Servers Using a Highly Optimized File Reader Library
Rädlar; Jörg ; Ljubijankic; Manuel ; Nytsch-Geusen; Christoph ; Huber; Jörg

34 Detailed geometrical information of aircraft fuel tanks incorporated into fuel system simulation models
Lind; Ingela ; Oprea; Alexandra

35 Simulation of Artificial Intelligence Agents using Modelica and the DLR Visualization Library
Schaub; Alexander ; Hellerer; Matthias ; Bodenmüller; Tim

36 Functional Development with Modelica: A Use-Case Analysis
Schneider; Stefan-Alexander ; Hofmann; Tobias

37 Translating Modelica to HDL: An Automated Design Flow for FPGA-based Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations
Köllner; Christian ; Blochwitz; Torsten ; Hodrius; Thomas

38 A Modelica Library for Real-Time Coordination Modeling
Pohlmann; Uwe ; Dziwok; Stefan ; Suck; Julian ; Wolf; Boris ; Choon Loh; Chia ; Tichy; Matthias

39 Implementation of a Graphical Modelica Editor with Preserved Source Code Formatting
Mattsson; Tobias ; Sten; Jon ; Bergdahl; Tove ; Mattsson; Jesper ; Åkesson; Johan

40 Model-based Requirement Verification : A Case Study
Liang; Feng ; Schamai; Wladimir; Rogovchenko; Olena ; Sadeghi; Sara ; Nyberg; Mattias ; Fritzson; Peter

41 A Data-Parallel Algorithmic Modelica Extension for Efficient Execution on Multi-Core Platforms
Gebremedhin; Mahder ; Hemmati Moghadam; Afshin ; Fritzson; Peter ; Stavåker; Kristian

42 Modelling and Simulation of the Coupled Rigid-flexible Multibody Systems in MWorks
Gang; Xie ; Yan; Zhao ; Fanli; Zhou ; Liping; Chen

43 A Modelica Library of Anisotropic Flexible Beam Structures for the Simulation of Composite Rotor Blades
Spieß; Christian ; Hajek; Manfred

44 Modeling and Simulation of a Fault-Tolerant Electromechanical Actuation System for Helicopter Swashplates in Modelica
Seeman; Sebastian ; Schlegel; Clemens

45 Survey of appropriate matching algorithms for large scale systems of differential algebraic equations
Frenkel; Jens ; Kunze; Günter ; Fritzson; Peter

46 Static and Dynamic Debugging of Modelica Models
Pop; Adrian ; Sjölund; Martin ; Asghar; Adeel ; Fritzson; Peter ; Francesco; Casella

47 A Modelica Sub- and Superset for Safety-Relevant Control Applications
Thiele; Bernhard ; Schneider; Stefan-Alexander ; Mai; Pierre R.

48 A Modelica Library for Industrial Control Systems
Bonvini; Marco ; Leva; Alberto

49 Modelica3D - Platform Independent Simulation Visualization
Höger; Christoph ; Mehlhase; Alexandra ; Nytsch-Geusen; Christoph ; Isakovic; Karsten ; Kubiak; Rick

50 Proposal for a Standard Time Series File Format in HDF5
Pfeiffer; Andreas ; Bausch-Gall; Ingrid ; Otter; Martin

51 Towards a Memristor Model Library in Modelica
Majetta; Kristin ; Clauss; Christoph ; Schmidt; Torsten

52 Fault Detection of Power Electronic Circuit using Wavelet Analysis in Modelica
Gao; Jianbo ; Ji; Yang ; Bals; Johann ; Kennel; Ralph

53 PySimulator - A Simulation and Analysis Environment in Python with Plugin Infrastructure
Pfeiffer; Andreas ; Hellerer; Matthias ; Hartweg; Stefan ; Otter; Martin ; Reiner; Matthias

54 An OpenModelica Python Interface and its use in PySimulator
Kalaiarasi Ganeson; Anand ; Fritzon; Peter ; Rogovchenko; Olena ; Asghar; Adeel ; Sjölund; Martin ; Pfeiffer; Andreas

55 WebMWorks: A General Web-Based Modeling and Simulation Environment for Modelica
Qi; Liu ; Tifan; Xiong ; Qinghua; Liu ; Liping; Chen

56 Using BCVTB for Co-Simulation between Dymola and MATLAB for Multi-Domain Investigations of Production Plants
Hafner; Irene ; Rössler; Matthias ; Heinzl; Bernhard ; Körner; Andreas ; Breitenecker; Felix ; Landsiedl; Michael ; Kastner; Wolfgang

57 FEM models in System Simulations using Model Order Reduction and Functional Mockup Interface
Gödecke; Andreas ; Mühlbauer; Monika ; Nieveler; Jörg ; Vittorias; Iason ; Vontz; Thomas

58 Using Modelica models for Driver-in-the-loop simulators
Dempsey; Mike ; Fish; Garron ; Picarelli; Alessandro

59 Development of New Concept Vehicles Using Modelica and Expectation to Modelica from Automotive Industries
Hirano; Yutaka

60 A Modular Technique for Automotive System Simulation
Günther; Felix ; Mallebrein; Georg ; Ulbrich; Heinz

61 Modeling Vehicle Drivability with Modelica and the Vehicle Dynamics Library
Griffin; John ; Batteh; John ; Andreasson; Johan

62 Status of ClaRaCCS: Modelling and Simulation of Coal-Fired Power Plants with CO2 Capture
Brunnemann; Johannes ; Gottelt; Friedrich ; Wellner; Kai ; Renz; Ala ; Thüring; Andre ; Roeder; Volker ; Hasenbein; Christoph ; Schulze; Christian ; Schmitz; Gerhard ; Eiden; Jörg

63 Start-up Optimization of a Combined Cycle Power Plant
Lind; Alexandra ; Sällberg; Elin ; Velut; Stéphanie ; Gallardo Yances; Stephanie ; Åkesson; Johan ; Link; Kilian

64 Modeling and Simulation of a Vertical Wind Power Plant in Dymola/Modelica
Petersson; Joel ; Isaksson; Pär ; Tummescheit; Hubertus ; Ylikiiskilä; Johan

65 First- and second-order parameter sensitivities of a metabolically and isotopically non-stationary biochemical network model
Hannemann-Tamás; Ralf ; Tillack; Jana ; Schmitz; Moritz ; Förster; Michael ; Wyes; Jutta ; Nöh; Katharina ; von Lieres; Eric ; Naumann; Uwe ; Wiechert; Wolfgang ; Marquardt; Wolfgang

66 Collocation Methods for Optimization in a Modelica Environment
Magnusson; Fredrik ; Åkesson; Johan

67 Parallel Multiple-Shooting and Collocation Optimization with OpenModelica
Bachmann; Bernhard ; Ochel; Lennart ; Ruge; Vitalij ; Gebremedhin; Mahder ; Fritzson; Peter ; Nezhadali; Vaheed ; Eriksson; Lars ; Sivertsson; Martin

68 Optimization Library for Interactive Multi-Criteria Optimization Tasks
Pfeiffer; Andreas

69 A Planar Mechanical Library for Teaching Modelica
Zimmer; Dirk

70 DyMoRail: A Modelica Library for modelling railway buffers
Dumont; Elisabeth ; Maurer; Werner

71 Natural frequency analysis of Modelica powertrain models
Fish; Garron ; Dempsey; Mike ; Delgado; Juan Gabriel ; Roberts; Neil

72 Achieving O(n) Complexity for Models from Modelica.Mechanics.Multibody
Schubert; Christian ; Frenkel; Jens ; Kunze; Günter ; Beitelschmidt; Michael

73 Modeling the discontinuous individual channel injection into fin-and-tube evaporators for residential air-conditioning
Ryhl Kærn; Martin ; Elmegaard; Brian

74 Validation and Application of the Room Model of the Modelica Buildings Library
Nouidui; Thierry Stephane ; Phalak; Kaustubh ; Zuo; Wangda ; Wetter; Michael

75 The Indoor Climate Library and its Application to Heat and Moisture Transfer in a Vehicle Cabin
Norrefeldt; Victor ; Andersson; Daniel ; Pathak; Arnav ; Tummescheit; Hubertus

76 Dynamic modelling of a Condenser/Water Heater with the ThermoSysPro Library
El Hefni; Baligh ; Bouskela; Daniel ; Gentilini; Guillaume

77 FMI implementation in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion and application to a vehicle dynamics case
Erdelyi; Hunor ; Prescott; William ; Donders; Stijn ; Anthonis; Jan

78 Generating Functional Mockup Units from Software Specifications
Pohlmann; Uwe ; Schäfer; Wilhelm ; Reddehase; Hendrik ; Röckemann; Jens ; Wagner; Robert

79 Functional Mock-up Interface in Mechatronic Gearshift Simulation for Commercial Vehicles
Abel; Andreas; Blochwitz; Torsten ; Eichberger; Alexander ; Hamann; Peter ; Rein; Udo

80 Using Functional Mock-up Units for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Gräber; Manuel ; Kirches; Christian ; Scharff; Dirk ; Tegethoff; Wilhelm

81 Modeling a Low-temperature Compressed Air Energy Storage with Modelica
Budt; Marcus; Wolf; Daniel ; Span; Roland

82 Natural Unit Representation in Modelica
Davies; Kevin L. ; Paredis; Christiann J. J.

83 Modelica Code Generation with Polymorphic Arrays and Records Used in Wind Turbine Modeling
Samlaus; Roland ; Fritzson; Peter ; Zuga; Adam ; Strobel; Michael ; Hillmann; Claudio

84 Derivative-free Parameter Optimization of Functional Mock-up Units
Gedda; Sofia ; Andersson; Christian ; Åkesson; Johan ; Diehl; Stefan

85 Stochastic Simulation and Inference using Modelica
Provan; Gregory ; Venturini; Alberto

86 A Toolchain for Real-Time Simulation using the OpenModelica Compiler
Worschech; Niklas ; Mikelsons; Lars

87 Time varying mass and inertia in paper winding multibody simulation
Drenth; Edo

88 Collaborative complex system design applied to an aircraft system
Thomas; Eric ; Ravachol; Michel ; Quincy; Jean Baptiste ; Malmheden; Martin

89 Backward simulation - A tool for designing more efficient mechatronic systems
Liermann; Matthias

90 Modelling of new vehicle suspension concept with integrated electric drive
Tobolar; Jakub ; Müller; Jakob ; Pruckner; Alfred

91 Dynamic modeling and simulation of a multi-effect distillation plant
Roca; Lidia ; Yebra; Luis J. ; Berenguel; Manuel ; de La Calle; Alberto

92 Modeling a drum motor for illustrating wearout phenomena
Enge-Rosenblatt; Olaf ; Bayer; Christian ; Schnüttgen; Joachim

93 “Green Building” - Modelling renewable building energy systems and electric mobility concepts using Modelica
Unger; René ; Schwan; Torsten ; Mikoleit; Beate ; Bäker; Bernard ; Kehrer; Christian ; Rodemann; Tobias

94 High-Fidelity Transmission Simulation for Hardware-in-the-Loop Applications
Vahid; Orang ; Goossens; Paul

95 ADGenKinetics: An Algorithmically Differentiated Library for Biochemical Networks Modeling via Simplified Kinetics Formats
Elsheikh; Atiyah

96 Variable Structure Modeling for Vehicle Refrigeration Applications
Krüger; Imke ; Mehlhase; Alexandra ; Schmitz; Gerhard

97 Thermal Simulation of Power-Controlled Micro-CHP Systems for Residential Buildings
Stinner; Sebastian ; Müller; Dirk

98 Modeling of a falling film evaporator
de La Calle; Alberto ; Yebra; Luis J. ; Dormido; Sebastián

99 Integration of Modelica models into an existing simulation software using FMI for Co-Simulation
Pazold; Matthias ; Burhenne; Sebastian ; Radon; Jan ; Herkel; Sebastian ; Antretter; Florian

100 Chemical Process Modeling in Modelica
Baharev; Ali ; Neumaier; Arnold

101 FMI Add-on for NI VeriStand for HiL Simulation
Palma; Cosimo ; Ramononi; Marco

102 Using Static Parametric Design to Support Systems Engineering of Industrial Automation Systems
Ji; Hongchao ; Mikelsons; Lars ; Kempf; Karl ; Schramm; Dieter