Inter: A European Cultural Studies : Conference in Sweden 11-13 June 2007

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 25 (2007)

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Redaktör(er): Fornäs; Johan ; Fredriksson; Martin (eds)

Publicerad: 2007-11-27


ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 732


1 The Transversal Spaces; Processes and Networks of Cultural Studies
Fornäs; Johan

2 Peripheries and Borders in a Post-Western Europé
Delanty; Gerard

3 Boundaries and Bridges in Trans-European Cultural Research
Drotner; Kirsten

4 The Politics of the Popular
Lehtonen; Mikko

5 Logic of Expansion; Logic of Being -Integrating the Dissociated Paths of Modernity in 21st Century
Schulze; Gerhard

6 The Multiple Realities of Cultural Citizenship Versus the Logic of Culturalization
Hermes; Joke

7 CP; TK; TCE and Co.: The end of Freewheeling Culturalization?
Bendix; Regina

8 On Creole Researchers; Hybrid Disciplines and Pidgin Writing
Czarniawska; Barbara

9 Celebrated but Amusing? An Intersectional Analysis of Children’s and Young People’s Media Portraits
Aapola-Kari; Sinikka

10 Longing and (Un)belonging: Displacement and Desire in the Cinematic City
Adil; Alev

11 Revisiting Diasporic Condition: New Patterns of Nostalgia Among Turks in Sweden
Akin; Altug

12 The Multicultural Presence in Contemporary Swedish Film
Andersson; Åsa

13 Batawa: Constructing Identity through Country Music in the Philippine Cordillera
Balud Fong; Jimmy

14 Who is European: A Case Study of The Irish Face in America
Baylis; Gail

15 Reappropriation of an Alienated Space
Berglund-Lake; Håkan

16 Uniting the Two Torn Halves
Birrento; Ana Clara

17 Skateboarding
Bäckström; Åsa

18 The Crisis of the Intellectual?
Canivell; Maria Odette

19 William Golding’s Lord of the Flies: The Failure of the Law
Carpi; Daniella

20 Threat Awareness - Social Impacts of Privacy Aware Ubiquitous Computing
De Luca; Alexander ; Hußmann; Heinrich

21 The Cultural Transfer of a Concept: C. P. Snow’s “Two Cultures” and the Swedish Debate
Eldelin; Emma

22 Prästerna och pedagogiken på Bona
Frangeur; Renée

23 The Year of X-Ra(y)/ted Mysticism
Ghimn; Yun-Csang

24 Fluid Identities and the Use of History: The Northern Lights Route and the Writings of Bengt Pohjanen
Heith; Anne

25 Romanens arkiv; arkivets roman
Hermansson; Kristina

26 The Exnomination of Pain: Undoing Otherness. Viewer Reports on stereotyping and Multicultural Media Content
Hermes; Joke ; Adolfsson; Robert

27 Cultural Analysis; Urban Political Economy and Critique
van Heur; Bas

28 “The Girl and the Monster” in Literature and Comic Strips
Holmquist; Ingrid ; Widegren; Kajsa

29 Doing Age and Gender through Fashion
Johansson; Barbro

30 Self-Management and Meal Experiences in Swedish Prisons
Jonsson ; Inger M ; Pipping Ekström; Marianne

31 And No Birds Do Sing
Kennedy; Stephen

32 Celebrity and the Para-Confession
King; Barry

33 Privacy vs. Profiling on the Internet
Kiraly; Csaba

34 Embodied Voice and Embodied Differences in Call Centre Work
Koivunen; Tuija

35 Borderland Swedes
Kranking; Glenn Eric

36 När byxan blev var (polis)kvinnas egendom
Kroon; Ann

37 Writing the Nation. On Ulf Lundell’s “Öppna landskap”
Lindberg; Ulf

38 Boys or Just Children
Ljungström; Åsa

39 Fashioning a Culture through Baguio City’s Ukay-Ukay
Locsin; Ma. Rina

40 Making Yourself Matter
Lundgren; Anna Sofia

41 Threat and Defence
Maronitis; Kostas

42 Suburbia and the Arts
Mechlenborg; Mette

43 Category of Experience as Intermediation between art and Society
Michalowska; Marianna

44 ‘Unterwegs; On the Way: Travelling in Europe’
Miesenböck; Gerlinde

45 The Transnational Christian Metal Scene Expressing Alternative Christian Identity through a Form of Popular Music
Moberg; Marcus

46 Analysis of Racialization in Sweden: The Case of Immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa
Ngeh; Jonathan

47 Literature and Diversity
Nilsson; Magnus

48 Not-so-safe Europeans: Interrogating Identities and Photographic Conventions in Pelle Kronestedt’sSafe European
Nilsson; Maria

49 Tracing Trauma: Histories and Intermediality in Sherman Alexie´s Fiction
Nygren; Åse

50 Reverse Experiments: Investigating Social Behaviour with Daily Technologies
Odella; Francesca

51 The Conception of Breasts in the Intersection of Age and Gender
Persson; Therése

52 Negotiating Knowledges in Dialogic Knowledge Production and Communication
Phillips; Louise

53 The Immensity within the Minute: Forging Digital Space
Pietrobruno; Sheenagh

54 Anna Vissi: The Greek ‘Madonna’?
Polychronakis; Ioannis

55 Culture and Urban Stories
Razzoli; Damiano

56 Agera fysik - organisera utrymme; professionella kroppar och experiment
Sand; Monica

57 Cooking; Convenience and Dis-Connection
Short; Frances

58 Digital Culture and the Challenge to Copyright Law
Spender; Lynne

59 Poetry as Historiography: The Routine Poems of Franklin Cimatu
Subido; Grace Celeste T.

60 Film and Ideology - Remarks on a Complicated Relationship
Sunnemark; Fredrik

61 Taking the Girls’ Room Online: Similarities and Differences Between Traditional Girls’ Rooms and Computer-Mediated Ones
Sveningsson Elm; Malin

62 Conversations Across Borders: Men and Honour Violence in U.K. and Sweden
Thapar-Björkert; Suruchi

63 The Everyday Seen Through a Camera Phone
Wagner; Karin

64 Assessing the ‘Fascist Filter’ and its Legacy
Whitling; Frederick

65 Journalism and Royalty
Widestedt; Kristina

66 Domesticity; Spirituality and the Igorota as Mountain Maid
Villarba-Torres; Anna Christie K.

67 Walking The Cognisphere
Willim; Robert

68 Trying to Make a Difference. Political Involvement in Everyday Life
Zackariasson; Maria

69 Spectacular Queens and the Morals of Excessive Femininity
Åsberg; Cecilia

70 Ideological Meaning Consistence in News as a Cultural Text: The Presentation of Paris Riots in Hürriyet and Sabah Newspapers
Özer; Ömer ; Paksoy; Alaaddin F.

71 Swapping Identities in Sulukele
Somersan; Semra