ServDes.2020 Tensions, Paradoxes and Plurality Conference Proceedings, 2-5th February 2021, Melbourne, Australia

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 173 (2020)

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Redaktör(er): Yoko Akama, Liam Fennessy, Sara Harrington, Anna Farago

Publicerad: 2020-12-22

ISBN: 978-91-7929-779-4

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 642


1 Designing an organisation’s design culture: How appropriation of service design tools and methods cultivates sustainable design capabilities in SMEs
Cathrine Seidelin, Stine Moeslund Sivertsen, Yvonne Dittrich

2 ‘Not Invented Here’: Organizational Misalignment as a Barrier to Innovation Implementation in Service Organizations
Joannes Barend Klitsie, Rebecca Anne Price, Sicco Santema

3 Proliferating Service Design in a large multi-cultural IT organization – an inside-out approach
Ravi Mahamuni, Sylvan Lobo, Bhaskarjyoti Das

4 Three perspectives on inclusive Service Design: user-centred, adaptive systems, and service logics
Yang Huan, Mattias Arvola, Stefan Holmlid

5 Robots in Service Design: Considering uncertainty in social interaction with robots
Johan Blomkvist, Sam Thellman, Tim Overkamp, Stefan Holmlid, Tom Ziemke

6 Holding it open: Building capacity for self-determined collaborative Service Design
Shana Agid, Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, Ayesha Hoda, John Kefalas, Kerry MacNeil, Randy Martinez, Dilena Santos

7 Dignity as a principle of service design: a study of four perspectives on dignity and their applications to pedagogy
Miso Kim

8 Unpacking the nature of social structures as the materials of service design
Josina Vink, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari

9 Designing to facilitate and enrich human relationships for complex societal challenges
Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer

10 Patterns of disruption: Diagnosing response mechanisms in actor networks
Vanessa Rodrigues, Stefan Holmlid and Johan Blomkvist

11 Designing in response to Indigenous sovereignties
Peter West

12 Experimenting with design tools for just public services
Paula Hardie

13 What the Popol Vuh can teach design
Ricardo Sosa

14 Challenges facing service design practitioners: a pilot study
Johan Blomkvist, Vanessa Rodrigues, Tim Overkamp

15 Service Design Drinks Milan: a case of local community building around service design
Martina Rossi, Chiara Leonardi, Luca Molinari, Marihum Pernía Parra

16 Combining machine learning and Service Design to improve customer experience
Niko Reunanen, Zeynep Falay von Flittner, Virpi Roto, Kirsikka Vaajakallio

17 Towards a unified framework of service transformation elements
Tim Overkamp

18 How to be Considerate: Adapting service design for use beyond the design studio
Chloe Sterland, Juliette Anich

19 Undo-Replay: re-scripting unsustainable toy consumption through value transference
Kathy Qian and Liam Fennessy

20 Embedding transparency on digital services: A case study of the food sector
Marcella Lomba, Aguinaldo dos Santos

21 Conceptual design framework for digital technology assisted service system
Kentaro Watanabe, Yusuke Kishita, Kaito Tsunetomo

22 Designing for informal services: a participatory approach to prevent sexual violence within a university
Bridget Malcolm

23 Practice notes on designing for change
Lisa Overton

24 Integration of service principles into the creative process of PSS: Application in an organizational case
Emanuela Lima Silveira, Aguinaldo dos Santos

25 Human Centred Design and ancient Hindu philosophy in the context of embracing diversity and building coherent working environments
Priyanka Rajwade

26 Design performativity in cultural service for creating social impact
Shu Hongming, Eleonora Lupo

27 Moving towards plurality: Unpacking the role of service design in relation to culture
Zhipeng Duan, Josina Vink, Simon Clatworthy

28 Service designing in psychiatric care
Melisa Duque, Laurene Vaughan, Sarah Pink, Shanti Sumartojo

29 The Emergency Department waiting room: towards a speculative service design framework
Troy McGee, Daphne Flynn, Selby Coxon and Rowan Page

30 Service Design in the Philippines: Tensions in Human-Centred Design and humane design
Beatrice V. Luna

31 From product centricity to services: Design workshops and maps as tools in strategy articulation
Olivia Harre and Lene Nielsen

32 Service Design for mediating technology and experience in Augmented Reality: A case study of a holistic AR travel service
Heng Zhang, Miso Kim, Chenrui Ye, Stephen Costa

33 Designing for behavioural and institutional changes
Masanao Takeyama, Kahoru Tsukui, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Akihiro Sasaki, Satoshi Miyashita

34 The paradox of delivering professional design services: The plurality of value
Linus Tan

35 Current and future trajectories for Service Design education: Views from educators in academia
Begüm Becermen, Luca Simeone

36 Hear hear! Why sound in service design should matter
Ana Kustrak Korper, Vanessa Rodrigues, Johan Blomkvist, Stefan Holmlid

37 Do they (know they) need a service designer? An investigation of service design capabilities through the lens of the market1
Drude Emilie Holm Ehn, Amalia de Götzen, Luca Simeone, Nicola Morelli

38 The non-participatory patient
Juan Sanin

39 Understanding uptake to support mobile service design - towards a practical model to assess the uptake of a mobile application supporting clients with drug and alcohol addiction
John Murphy, Frederica Densley, Stuart Ross

40 Human Centred Service Design in the context of sport participation
Iva Halacheva

41 The hidden ‘co-designers’ of service: exploring policy instruments in e- messaging
Adeline Hvidsten

42 Being community and culturally-led: Tensions and pluralities in evaluating social innovation
Joyce Yee, Yoko Akama and Khemmiga Teerapong

43 Can design thinking techniques drive citizen engagement in public sector consultation?
Paul Blake, Lisa Marie Dema

44 Relational identities: how service co- design can help improve the minority experience and becoming ourselves
Nevena Balezdrova, Youngok Choi, Busayawan Lam

45 Service tools linking values with technology in a sustainable home refurbishment
Stella Boess

46 Overarching servitization processes in industrial manufacturing – a scoping review
Bart Bluemink, Lianne Simonse, Sicco Santema, Odeke Lenior

47 Actionable attributes of service design for business
Joanna Rutkowska, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, David Lamas

48 Designing blockchain based services
Clive Grinyer

49 An application framework of service design for servitization
Peng Lu

50 Rethinking service design in addressing antimicrobial resistance in India
Delina Evans, Alison Prendiville

51 Operating under pressure: Alleviating hospital tensions through Service Design
Elle Miller, Christopher Rabineau, Kendra Rabineau

52 Emergency Department futures: a design investigation into ED waiting rooms
Troy McGee, Daphne Flynn, Selby Coxon and Rowan Page

53 Psychological safety in design: The role of leadership in creating optimal climates for innovation
Leander Kreltszheim, Jennifer Lennon

54 Uncomfortable immersion
Chloe Coelho

55 ‘Discovering the reason that underlies unreason’: Developing designers’ intuition to guide decision-making in the design process
Leander Kreltszheim

56 Artificial intelligence in sustainable food systems design
Stephanie Camarena

57 Sensory Design: Making sense of tensions, plurality and paradox in a culturally contested heritage site
Kate Storey

58 Flip, split or extend – helping ‘mum and dad developers’ navigate housing design processes
Nicholas Temov

59 Chief Design Officers in public organisations: What design leadership do we need in Singapore’s public organisations?
Debbie Ng Li Teng

60 Service Design meets Chinese Culture
Giulia Capriotti

61 Service delivery of architectural design services: An experience-centric analysis
Linus Tan

62 Adopting a service design approach in financial organisations
Virpi Kaartti

63 Work Right: Building a way to work together through Service Design
Nick Jumara

64 Categorising people: tensions in critical approaches to design
Kate McEntee

65 Telling stories: Moving beyond empathy tools to reciprocity
Giti Datt, Lucy Klippan, Helen Eason, Juanita Sherwood

66 Sounds good! Auditory representations in service design
Ana Kuštrak Korper, Vanessa Rodrigues, Johan Blomkvist, and Stefan Holmlid

67 Addressing echo chambers in Service Design with embodied methods
Josina Vink, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari and Martina Caic

68 A new social design framework to challenge assumptions in research projects in LMICs
Chamithri Greru, Alison Prendiville

69 Service transparency for sustainability in the food sector
Marcella Lomba, Aguinaldo dos Santos

70 The workers tarot. A tool for designer- worker solidarity
Lara de Sousa Penin, Antonia Yunge Soruco

71 Power in coffee: Disrupting practice for community-led change
Aiya Idris, Hania Yassin

72 Identifying best practice in remote co-design
Sarah Kaur, Misha Kaur, Emma Blomkamp

73 Real-Time Co-Analysis: Probing Lived Experiences and Analysing Material Data
Kelly Anderson, Yi Zhang

74 Quo vadis? Exploring the future of service design
Martina Caic, Ana Kuštrak Korper, Vanessa Rodrigues, Josina Vink, and Stefan Holmlid

75 Addressing tensions and paradoxes of my data. A Service Design perspective
Alessandro Carelli

76 Teu le Va (nurture the space) in-between intersectionality
Marion Muliaumaseali’i

77 Unblock the tension while implementing Service Design
Arthur Yeh, Yvonne Yam

78 Designing by ear
Courtney McKee, Polly Goodwin, Vildana Praljak, Andrew Ng

79 Strengthen emotional skills for service designers as facilitators
Mariluz Soto Hormazábal, Melanie Sarantou, Satu Miettinen

80 Process design: Designing impactful workshop experiences that engage and inspire
Kristina Aagaard

81 Bespoke tools for co-designing diverse & inclusive feminist futures
Allison Edwards, Hannah Korsmeyer

82 Service Design meets strategic action: exploring new tools for activating change
Laura Santamaria, Ksenija Kuzmina

83 The Playdate: Exploring how to host a learning exchange
Lisa Grocott, Ilya Fridman