KEER2018, Go Green with Emotion. 7th International Conference on Kansei Engineering & Emotion Research 2018, 19-22 March 2018, Kuching, Malaysia

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 146 (2018)

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Redaktör(er): and Simon Schutte

Publicerad: 2018-03-13

ISBN: 978-91-7685-314-6

ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

Antal sidor: 530


1 Investigation into the Geographical Superiority for Carrying Our Games Development : A Comparision between the US and Japan
Kazuhiro Masuda; Youji Kohda

2 Investigation of Factors Producing A Sense of Virtual Reality Using Substitutional Reality
Momoka Kinoshita; Jue Zhang; Hisaya Tanaka

3 Development and Application of Online Tools for Kansei Engineering Evaluations
Simon Schutte; Lluis Marco Almagro

4 Gaze-Voting Interface for Interactive Evolutionary Computation Considering the Kansei Evaluation of Multiple People
Hiroki Isoda; Hiroshi Takenouchi; Masataka Tokumaru

5 A Study of the Perception of Caricature Creation
Wenting Fang; Jiede Wu; Rungtai Lin

6 Malaysian Perceptions Towards Bemban Product Design
Ain Syafiqa Abu Bakar; Associate Prof. Abdul Muta’ali Othman

7 A Study on the Perception of Local Taiwanese and Immigrants in Taiwan Towards the Color Imagery Applied on Calico of the "Fortune Chicken"
Huang Shi-Mei, Ho Ming-Chyuan; Lu Yuan Hua

8 A Study on Cultural and Creative Product Design Model from the Perspective of Paper Cutting
Tzu Chiang Chang; Shu Hui Huang

9 A Study of Service Design Applied on Traditional Martial Arts
Wei Ming-Chw; Hsieh Yung-Chenga; Huang Shu-Huib; Chen Liang-Yu

10 Exploration on the Emotion Factors of the Inheritance of the Indigenous Traditional Skills: A Case Study of the Weaving of the Seediq
Hsiu-mei Huang; Shyh-Huei Hwang

11 Communication During Design Information Phase: A Reflection on Cross-Cultural Tools
Alejandra Vilaplana; Alexandre Gentner; Carole Favart

12 A Proposal of Participatory Design Tools for East Asia Focus on Anonymity and Playfulness
Yuki Taoka; Kaho Kagohashi; Celine Mougenot

13 A Study of Product Anticipant Images of the Elderly
Yung-Chuan Ma; Shih-hung Cheng

14 Framework for Evaluation of Show Window: Using Communication Items Reflecting Designers’ Intention of Production
Chenyan Zou; Shinji Wakiyama

15 Characteristics of Pattern Making Work of Modelistes in France in Comparison with Pattern Makers in Japan
Emi Nakanishi; Kyoung Ok Kim; Tsuyoshi Otani; Masayuki Takatera

16 Comparative Study on Visual Impression Structure for Car Front Grill Between Japan and Thailand
Shun Kou; Nana Moriyama; Mikiko Kawasumi

17 Emotional Bionics - A Pickup Truck is a Lion! : A Study Using Emotional Profiling to Analyse Bionic Analogies in Car Design
Susan Gretchen Zöller; Tina Schröppel; Sandro Wartzack

18 A Study on the Kansei Image of the Packing Color of the Instant Noodles for Consumers
Zhongzhen Lin; Chun-Heng Ho; Xingmin Lin

19 Successful Points of Kansei Product Development
Mitsuo Nagamachi

20 The Effects of Store Display and Consumer’s Personality on Information-Seeking Behavior for OTC Drugs
Shinichi Koyama; Kana Akiyama; Saki Nakamura; Mayu Kamifuji; Hikari Tachino; Seiya Ishihara; Ayaka Hayashi; Megumi Izumisawa

21 Case Study of Renovation Design Plan of Golf Club House by Color Marketing Method and Kansei Value Evaluation Analysis
Miyuki Itou; Takashi Sakamoto; Toshikazu Kato

22 The Effect of Mood Valence and Arousal on Car Following; Evidence from Driving Behaviour and Eye Tracking
Tatjana Zimasa; Samantha Jamson; Brian Henson; Andrew Tomlinson; Richard Donkor; Lee Skrypchuk

23 Comparision of Respondent Images Between Picture and Text Surveys: Implications of New Research Methods Using Pictures
Katsue Edo; Hiroharu Ochihara; Fusae Kukihara; U Hiroi

24 The Compilation of Emotional Evaluation Parameters
Eric Chen-F Hsieh; Min-Yuan Ma; Maggie Yei-Mei Sheu; Yu-Chun Huang

25 Segmentation in Kansei Engineering Studies Based on the Emotional Response
Lluis Marco-Almagro; Xavier Tort-Martorell; Simon Schütte

26 A Basic Consideration of Evaluation Method and Construction Model of Mental Model
Toshiki Yamaoka

27 Measuring Affective Responses to Confectionaries Using Paired Comparisons
Farzilnizam Ahmad; Raymond Holt; Brian Henson

28 An Investigation on the Life-Style and Diet and Cooking of Single Young House-Renter : Case Studies of Cities in Guangdong and Taiwan
Ching Yang; Gui-Qi He

29 Increasing the Intergenerational Interactions Between the Elder and the Child - Taking Life Experience as Example
You-Zhen Lu; Prof. Min-Yuan Ma; Prof. Chun-Heng Ho

30 Evaluating Human-Robot Interaction from Inside and Outside Comparison Between the First-Person and the Third-Party Perspectives
Kazuki Yanai; Aiko Murata; Ryota Mizutani; Akira Ichiboshi; Kazunari Komatsuzaki; Roshan Thapliya; Katsumi Watanabe

31 Preliminary Research on the Method of Food Preservation
Chin-Lai Wu; Bao-Yan Chen; Tung-Long Lin; Shu-Ming Wu

32 How Cool is Bebop Jazz: Clustering and Decoding of Jazz Music
Antonio Rodà; Edoardo Da Lio; Maddalena Murari; Sergio Canazza

33 Study of the Effect of Backgroundmusic Tempo on A Rrest: Physiolosical Evaluation Using a Mental Stress Task
Masashi Murkami; Takashi Sakamoto; Toshikazu Kato

34 Investigation of Pleasantness in the Manipulation of Deformable Interfaces for Musical Expression
Yuichiro Kinoshita; Masato Nishio; Shota Shiraga; Kentaro Go

35 The Effects of Musical Pieces Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano: A Study Using the Anime, Attack on Titan
Ruiji Sasaki; Naoto Hayashi; Masashi Yamada

36 Taiwan Arts Exhibition Poster Category and Layout Searches
Hsiu-Ju Lee; Tzu-Chiang Chang

37 Drawings of Mothering Practices: A New Narrative of Being Mothering
Tzu-Ching Hsu

38 A Case Study of Difference Between Sand Animation and Micro Film
Jun Wu; Tzu Chiang Chang; Yang Gao; Rungtai Lin

39 Impression of Signboard in Considering Landscape
Hiroshi Takahashi; Yohei Shoji; Takashi Irikura

40 The Impressions of Posters and Their Effects on Attracting Tourists
Natsuhiro Marumo; Nobuyuki Watanabe; Masashi Yamada; Takuya Sugimoto

41 Specifying Kansei Requirements with the Application of Environmental Psychology Research Methods
Toru Yoshida; Masami Maekawa; Yoshio Tsuchida; Yukari Nagai

42 An Experiential Semantic Analysis of "EXHIBITION" and Its Pedagogical Implication on English for Arts Purpose: A Linguistic Perspective
Li Larry Hong-lin; Tiffany Shuang-Ching Lee; Lin Po-Hsien

43 Lacking of Social Interaction at Open Spaces in the City of Baghdad, Iraq
Sarah Abdulkareem Salih; Sumarni Ismail

44 An Information Presentation System for Wobbling Elderly People and Those Around Them in Walking Spaces
Koshi Ogawa; Takashi Sakamoto; Toshikazu Kato

45 Experiencing User Operation Beyond the First Metaphorical Impression
Shih-hung Cheng; Yung-Chuan Ma; Ming Huang Lin

46 Proposal of a Quantitative UX Analysis Method Based on a Psychometric Questionnaire Survey
Yuka Sugiyama; Toshikazu Kato; Takashi Sakamoto

47 A User Evaluation System Using Sensors of Smartphones
Ryo Yamaguchi; Jue Zhang; Naiwala P. Chandrasiri

48 Designing User Experiences Focused on Multimodal Perception
SuKyoung Kim

49 Sensation and Perception in Surface Properties, Using Kansei Surface Engineering
L Eriksson, B-G Rosen, M Bergman

50 A Case Study of the Fashion Show Curatorial and Experience Marketing:The Perspective of the Actor Network Theory
Shu Hui Huang; Tzu Chiang Chang

51 Difference Between Japanese and French Tastes in Women’s T-shirts for Sportswear
Marsac Eva; KyoungOk Kim; Masayuki Takatera

52 Evaluation of Psychological and Physiological Responses Under Gradual Change of Thermal Conditions with Aim to Create Index to Evaluate Thermal Comfort of Clothes
Tomohiro Uemae; Mayumi Uemae; Masayoshi Kamijo

53 A Statistical Study on Female Fashion Coordinates ? Japan
Tsubasa Kawakatsu; Masashi Yamada

54 An Evaluation Case Study of Sun Hat Design for College Students Based on Kansei Engineering
Jiawei Zou; Weizhen Wang; Xin Chen

55 Tactile Sensation Induced by Images of Clothes with Motion Parallax
Miki Kumamaru; Atsushi Osa; Ken Matsuda