World Renewable Energy Congress - Sweden; 8-13 May; 2011; Linköping; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 57 (2011)

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Editor(s): Moshfegh; Bahram (ed.)

Published: 2011-11-03

ISBN: 978-91-7393-070-3

ISSN: 1650-3686 (print), 1650-3740 (online)

Number of pages: 4240


Session 1

Bioenergy Technology

1 Fuel Supplier Selection for Large Scale UK bioenergy Schemes
Scott; James A. ; Ho; William ; Kumar Dey; Prasanta

2 Bioenergy Decision Support Systems: Worth the Effort?
Wright; Daniel ; Dey; Prasanta ; Brammer; John ; Hunt ; Phil

3 Options for Increased Use and Refining of Biomass - the Case of Energy-intensive Industry in Sweden
Ljungstedt; Hanna ; Johansson; Daniella ; Johansson; Maria T ; Karltorp; Kersti

4 Is Bioenergy the Big Bad Wolf in the Forestry Sector? A discussion about the sustainable supply chain management role in bioenergy systems.
Sanches Pereira; Alessandro

5 Bioenergy Production in the Torun Biogas Plant (Poland)
Iglinski; Bartlomiej ; Sobolski; Jerzy

6 Influence of Different Cell Disruption Techniques on Mono Digestion of Algal Biomass
Schwede; Sebastian ; Kowalczyk; Alexandra ; Gerber; Mandy ; Span; Roland

7 Scale Up of Laboratory Scale to Industrial Scale Biogas Plants
Kowalczyk; Alexandra ; Schwede; Sebastian ; Gerber; Mandy ; Span; Roland

8 The Effect of Distinct Operational Conditions on Organic Material Removal and Biogas Production in the Anaerobic Treatment of Cattle Manure
Manav Demir; Neslihan ; Coskun; Tamer ; Debik; Eyüp

9 Slaughterhouse Waste Co-Digestion - Experiences from 15 Years of Full-Scale Operation
Ek; A.E.W. ; Hallin; S. ; Vallin; L. ; Schnürer; A. ; Karlsson; M.

10 Development of Process Technology to Produce Low Cost Biofuel I -Minimization of Operating Parameters during Preparation of Biodiesel
Parida; Soumya ; Misra; Sunasira ; Sahu; Debendra Kumar

11 Orthogonal Array Design for Biodiesel Production Optimization - Using Ultrasonic-Assisted Transesterification of Camelina Sativa L. Crantz Oil
Wu; Xuan ; Leung; Dennis Y.C.

12 Lipase Catalyzed Transesterification of Tung and Palm Oil for Biodiesel
Wang; Ya-Nan ; Chen; Ming-Hsun ; Ko; Chun-Han ; Lu; Pei-Jen ; Chern; Jia-Ming ; Wu; Chien-Hou ; Chang; Fang-Chih

13 Study on Reaction Conditions in Whole Cell Biocatalyst Methanolysis of Pretreated Used Cooking Oil
Pazouki; Mohammad ; Zamani; Farzane ; Zamzamian; Seyed Amir Hossein ; Najafpour; Ghasem

14 EN 14103 Adjustments for biodiesel analysis from different raw materials; including animal tallow containing C17
Gasparini; Fabrícia ; de O. Lima; José Renato ; Ghani; Yussra A. ; Hatanaka; Rafael R. ; Sequinel; Rodrigo ; Flumignan; Danilo L. ; de Oliveira; José Eduardo

15 Indian-Nut (Aleurites Moluccana) and Tucum (Astrocaryum Vulgare); Non Agricultural Sources for Niodiesel Production Using Ethanol: Composition; Characterization and Optimization of the Reactional Production Conditions
de O. Lima; José Renato ; Gasparini; Fabricia ; de L. Camargo; Nadia ; Ghani; Yussra A. ; da Silva; Rondenelly B. ; de Oliveira; José Eduardo

16 A Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustion System for Forest Residues
Goncalves; Anthony ; Kiss; Laszlo ; Farinas; Marie-Isabelle ; Rousse; Daniel

17 Assessment of the Energetic Efficiency of A Continuously Operating Plant for Hydrothermal Carbonisation of Biomass
Stemann; Jan ; Ziegler; Felix

18 Minimization of Exergy Losses in Combustion Processes with An Illustration of A Membrane Combustion
Lampinen; Markku J. ; Wiksten; Ralf ; Sarvi; Arto ; Saari; Kari ; Penttinen; Marjut

19 Sugar Cane Trash Pyrolysis for Bio-oil Production in a Fluidized Bed Reactor
Treedet; Wasakron ; Suntivarakorn; Ratchaphon

20 Combustion of Some Thai Agricultural and Wood Residues in A Pilot Swirling Fluidized-Bed Combustor
Kuprianov; Vladimir I. ; Arromdee; Porametr ; Chakritthakul; Songpol ; Kaewklum; Rachadaporn ; Sirisomboon; Kasama

21 Bioethanol Production from Cotton Stalks or Corn Stover? A Comparative Study of Their Sustainability Performance
Pappis; Costas P. ; Petrou; Evangelos C.

22 Assessing the Environmental Performance of Integrated Ethanol and Biogas Production
Martin; Michael ; Svensson; Niclas ; Fonseca; Jorge

23 Evaluation of Bamboo as A Feedstock for Bioethanols in Taiwan
Wang; Ya-Nang ; Ko; Chun-Han ; Lee; Chih-Yuan ; Tsai; Heng-Ping ; Chen; Wen-Hua ; Hwang; Wen-Song ; Tsai; Ming-Jer ; Chang; Fang-Chih

24 Production of Microalgae Biomass and Biohydrogen in Solar Bioreactors
Patiño; Rodrigo ; Robledo; Daniel ; Martín del Campo; Julia S.

25 Improvement of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of A Marine Macro-Alga by Dilute Acid Hydrolysis Pretreatment
Yazdani; Parviz ; Karimi; Keikhosro ; Taherzadeh; Mohammad J.

26 Biodiesel from Microalgae as A Solution of Third World Energy Crisis
Kais; Md.Imran ; Chowdhury; Farsad Imtiaz ; Shahriar; Kazy Fayeen

27 Preliminary Study of Hydrogen Production from Local Arid Area Algae in A Bubble Column
Naceur; M. W. ; Kaidi; F. ; Rihani; R. ; Messaoudene; N. Ait

28 Short Rotation Coppice in Italy: A Model to Asses Economic; Energetic and Environmental Performances of Different crop Systems
Jacopo; Bacenetti ; Marco; Fiala

29 Integral Analysis of Feedstocks and Technologies for Biodiesel Production in Tropical and Subtropical Countries
Cardona; Carlos Ariel ; Rincón; Luis Eduardo ; Jaramillo; Juan Jacobo

30 Evaluation of the Factors that Affect The Lignin Content in The Reed Canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) in Latvia
Poisa; Liena ; Adamovics; Aleksandrs ; Platace; Rasma ; Teirumnieka; Erika

31 Integrated Research on Jatropha Curcas Plantation Management
Srinophakun; Penjit ; Saimaneerat; Anna ; Sooksathan; Isara ; Visarathanon; Niphon ; Malaipan; Savitree ; Charernsom; Kosol ; Chongrattanameteekul; Wiboon

32 Biomass Waste - A Source of Raw Materials and New Energy Source
Kunaver; Matjaz ; Jasiukaityte; Edita ; Cuk; Natasa ; Medved; Sergej ; Opresnik; Samuel Rodman ; Katrasnik; Tomaz

33 Sustainable Energy from Dairy Farm Waste Using A Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)
Zhang; XiaoNan ; Porcu; Laura ; Andresen; John M.

34 Comparison of the Combustion Behaviors of Agricultural Wastes Under Dry Air and Oxygen
Haykiri-Acma; Hanzade ; Yaman; Serdar

35 Nigeria’s Bio-Ethanol: Need for Capacity Building Strategies to Prevent Food Crises
Agboola; O. Phillips ; Agboola; O. Mary

36 Planting Sweet Sorghum Under Hot and Dry Climatic Condition for Bioethanol Production
Almodares; A. ; Hatamipour; M.S.

37 Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emission by Ethanol Production from Sugarcane (Case Study of Minas Gerais; Brazil)
Garcia; Juan C.C. ; v. Sperling; Eduardo

38 An Environmental Optimization Model for Bioenergy Plant Sizes and Locations for The Case of Wood-Derived SNG in Switzerland
Steubing; Bernhard ; Ballmer; Isabel ; Thees; Oliver ; Gerber; Léda ; Maréchal; François ; Zah; Rainer ; Ludwig; Christian

39 Synergy Effects on Combining Hydrogen and Gasification for Synthetic Biogas
Mohseni; Farzad ; Görling; Martin ; Alvfors; Per

40 Economic Feasibility of Biomass Gasification for Small-Scale Electricity Generation in Brazil
Fracaro; Guilherme P. M. ; Souza; S. N. M. ; Medeiros; M. ; Formentini; D. F. ; Marques; C. A.

41 Evaluation of Biodiesel Production from Babassu Oil and Ethanol Applying Alkaline Transesterification Under Ultrasonic Technology
Paiva; E. J. M. ; Silva; M. L. C. P. ; Castro; H.F. ; Barboza; J. C. S. ; Giordani; D. S.

42 A Comparative Study of Immobilized-Whole Cell and Commercial Lipase as a Biocatalyst for Biodiesel Production from Soybean Oil
Hashemizadeh; S.N. ; Tavakoli; O. ; Tabandeh; F. ; Karkhane; A.A. ; Forghanipour; Z.

43 Methyl Ester Production from Chicken Fat With High FFA
Alptekin; Ertan ; Canakci; Mustafa ; Sanli; Huseyin

44 Optimization on the Use of Crude Glycerol from the Biodiesel Production to Obtain Poly-3-Hydroxybutyrate
Posada; John A. ; Higuita; Juan C. ; Cardona; Carlos A.

45 Theoretical Bioenergy Potential in Cambodia and Laos
Akgun; Orkide ; Korkeakoski; Mika ; Mustonen; Suvisanna ; Luukkanen; Jyrki

46 Growing Biomass Fuel Industry; Declining Local Forage Demands; and Changing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from US Agriculture: A Case Study
Gallagher; Paul W. ; Richey; Jeremiah

47 Enhanced Renewable Energy Adoption for Sustainable Development in India: Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach
Eswarlal; Vimal Kumar ; Kumar Dey; Prasanta ; Shankar; Ravi

48 Promoting Biofuels Adoption in Nigeria: A Review of Socio-economic Drivers and Incentives
Abila; Nelson

49 The Bioenergy Potential for the Centre Region of Portugal: The Use of Biomass as a Fuel Source
Esteves; Tanya C.J. ; Ferreira; António J.D. ; Teixeira; José C. ; Cabral; Pedro

50 Improvement of Sweet Sorghum Bagasse Hydrolysis by Alkali and Acidic Pretreatments
Goshadrou; Amir ; Karimi; Keikhosro ; Taherzadeh; Mohammad J.

51 Intensification of Bioethanol Production by Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) in an Oscillatory Baffled Reactor (OBR)
Harvey; Joseph Ikwebe Adam P

52 Chemical and Microbial Hydrolysis of Sweet Sorghum Bagasse for Ethanol Production
Thanapimmetha; Anusith ; Vuttibunchon; Korsuk ; Saisriyoot; Maythee ; Srinophakun; Penjit

53 Ethanolysis of Soybean Oil Using Mesoporous Molecular Sieves
Quintella; Solange A. ; Salmin; Davi C. ; Araújo; Antonio S. ; Albuquerque; Monica C.G. ; Cavalcante Jr.; Célio L.

54 Parametric Study of Portable Floating Type Biogas Plant
Agrahari; Ravi P. ; Tiwari; G. N.

55 Effect of Organic Loading Rates (OLR) on Production of Methane from Anaerobic Digestion of Vegetables Waste
Babaee; Azadeh ; Shayegan; Jalal

56 Potential for the Production of Biogas in Alcohol and Sugar Cane Plants for Use in Urban Buses in the Brazil
de Souza; Samuel N. M. ; Santos; Reginaldo F. ; Fracaro; Guilherme P. M.

57 Braziland#8217;s Potential for Generating Electricity from Biogas from Stillage
Santos; Reginaldo Ferreira ; Borsoi; Augustinho ; Secco; Deonir ; Melegari de Souza; Samuel Nelson ; Constanzi; Ricardo Nagamine

58 Electricity Generation from Biogas of Poultry Slaughterhouse Biomass in Matelandia - Brazil
Formentini; Diana Fatima ; Mmoreira Fracaro; Guilherme de Paula ; Costanzi; Ricardo Nagamine ; Melegari de Souza; Samuel Nelson ; Marques; Cleber Aimone

59 Economic Evaluation of an Industrial Biogas System for Production of Gas; Electricity and Liquid Compost
Ghazi; S. ; Abbaspour; M.

60 Development of An Anaerobic Hydrogen and Methane Fermentation System for Kitchen Waste biomass Utilization
Osaka; Noriko ; Nagai; Kohki ; Mizuno; Shiho ; Sakka; Makiko ; Sakka; Kazuo

61 An Environmental Assessment of the Production of Biodiesel from Waste Oil : Two Case Studies
McManus; Marcelle C

62 Feasibility of Jatropha Oil for Biodiesel: Economic Analysis
Ofori-Boateng; Cynthia ; Lee; Keat Teong

63 Novel Production Of Biofuels From Neem Oil
Radha; K.V.

64 Characterization of Waste Frying Oils Obtained from Different Facilities
Sanli; Huseyin ; Canakci; Mustafa ; Alptekin; Ertan

65 Ethanol Production by Mucor Indicus Using the Fungal Autolysate as a Nutrient Supplement
Asachi; Reihaneh ; Karimi; Keikhosro ; Taherzadeh; Mohammad J.

66 Yeast Adaptation on the Substrate Straw
Kahr; Heike ; Helmberger; Sara ; Jäger; Alexander G.

67 Thermodynamic Analysis and Potential Efficiency Improvements of a Biochemical Process for Lignocellulosic Biofuel Production
Sohel; M. Imroz ; Jack; Michael W.

68 Co-Production of Electricity; Heat and Biocoal Pellets from Biomass: A Techno-Economic Comparison with Wood Pelletizing
Erlach; Berit ; Wirth; Benjamin ; Tsatsaronis; George

69 Effect of Atmosphere on Torrefaction of Oil Palm Wastes
Uemura; Yoshimitsu ; Omar; Wissam N. ; Othman; Noor Aziah Bt ; Yusup; Suzana Bt ; Tsutsui; Toshio

70 Biofuels Production Process and the Net Effect of Biomass Energy Production on the Environment
Heydariazad; M.R. ; Nasab; R. Khatibi ; Givtaj; S. ; Chatabi; S.J. Amadi

71 Simple Extraction Method of Green Crude from Natural Blue-Green Microalgae by Dimethyl Ether: Extraction Efficiency on Several Species Compared to the Bligh-Dyer’s Method
Kanda; Hideki ; Li; Peng

72 Production of Synthetic Alcohol from Ayngas Using MoS2/andgamma;-Al2O3
Chiang; S. W. ; Chang; C. C. ; Chang; H. Y. ; Chang; C. Y.

73 Thermal Treatment of Rapeseed Oil
Palanisamy; Shanmugam ; Gevert; Börje S.

74 Catalytic Cracking Characteristics of Bio-Oil Molecular Distillation Fraction
Guo; Zuogang ; Wang; Shurong ; Yin; Qianqian ; Xu; Guohui ; Luo; Zhongyang ; Cen; Kefa ; Fransson; Torsten H.

75 Improvements in Bioethanol Production Process from Straw
Kahr; Heike ; Jäger; Alexander G.

76 Improvement of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Rice Straw by N-Methylmorpholine-N-Oxide (NMMO) Pretreatment
Poornejad; Nafiseh ; Salehi; S.M. Amin ; Karimi; Keikhosro ; Taherzadeh; M.J. ; Behzad; Tayebeh

Session 2

Climate Change Issues

1 Risk Based Adaptation to Climate Change
Eriksson; Kjell ; Friis-Hansen; Peter

2 How Much Energy Can We Consume?
Dimitriev; Oleg P.

3 Effective Urban Energy Planning and Governance: A New Conceptual Framework
Jabareen; Yosef R.

4 Simple Statistical Model for Complex Probabilistic Climate Projections: Overheating Risk and Extreme Events
Patidar; Sandhya ; Jenkins; David ; Banfill; Phil ; Gibson; Gavin

5 Incorporating Climate Change Projections into Building design: A Qualitative Study
Gul; Mehreen ; Menzies; Gill ; Banfill; Phil

6 Towards a Unifying Visualization Modelling Platform for Supporting Climate Change Conscious Urban Neighbourhood Design
Elwan; Amr ; Peng; Chengzhi ; Fahmy; Mohammad

7 Influence of Indirect Land Use Change on the GHG Balance of Biofuels - A Review of Methods and Impacts
Dunkelberg; Elisa ; Finkbeiner; Matthias ; Hirschl; Bernd

8 Climate Change Mitigation Through Increased Biomass Production and Substitution: A Case Study in Morth-Central Sweden
Poudel; Bishnu Chandra ; Sathre; Roger ; Gustavsson; Leif ; Bergh; Johan

9 Influence of Biofuels Production on the Climate Change
Cardona; Carlos A. ; Valencia; Monica J. ; Quintero; Julian A.

10 Impact of Climate Change on Wheat Production for Ethanol in Southern Saskatchewan; Canada
Wang; Hong ; He; Yong ; Qian; Budong ; McConkey; Brian ; Cutforth; Herb ; McCaig; Tom ; McLeod; Grant ; Zentner; Robert ; Campbell; Con ; DePauw; Ron ; Lemke; Reynald ; Brandt; Kelsey ; Liu; Tingting ; Qin; Xiaobo ; Hoogenboom; Gerrit ; White; Jeffrey ; Hunt; Tony

11 Thermodynamic and Dynamic Investigation for CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers
Ji; Xiaoyan ; Ji; Yuanhui ; Xiao; Chongwei

12 Mineral Sequestration for CCS in Finland and Abroad
Zevenhoven; Ron ; Fagerlund; Johan

13 CO2 Dapture in Oil Refineries - An Evaluation of Different Heat Integration Possibilities for Heat Supply to the Post-Combustion Process
Johansson; Daniella ; Franck; Per-Åke ; Berntsson; Thore

14 BECCS in South Korea - An Analysis of Negative Emissions Potential for Bioenergy as a Mitigation Tool
Kraxner; Florian ; Aoki; Kentaro ; Leduc; Sylvain ; Kindermann; Georg ; Yang; Jue ; Yamagata; Yoshiki ; Il Tak; Kwang ; Obersteiner; Michael

15 What Are the Rules for Biofuel Carbon Accounting?
Johnson; Eric P

16 Coupling Mass Transfer with Mineral Reactions to Investigate CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers With Non-Equilibrium thermodynamics
Ji; Yuanhui ; Ji; Xiaoyan ; Lu; Xiaohua ; Tu; Yongming

17 Clean Coal Utilization Based on Underground Coal Gasification Integrated Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Carbon dioxide Sequestration
Prabu; V ; Jayanti; S

18 Climate Change and Water Resources for Energy Generation in Tanzania
Malley; Z.J.U.

19 Optimal Hydraulic Structures Profiles Under Uncertain Seepage Head
Mohan Singh; Raj

20 The Impact of the March 10; 2009 Dust Storm on Meteorological Parameters in Central Saudi Arabia
Maghrabi; Abdullrahman H.

21 The Medium to Long-Term Role of Renewable Energy Sources in Climate Change Mitigation in Portugal
Simões; Sofia ; Seixas; Júlia ; Fortes; Patrícia ; Dias; Luís ; Gouveia; João ; Maurício; Bárbaraa

22 Diversified Analysis of Renewable Energy Contribution for Energy Supply in Asian Regions
Kayo; Genku ; Ikegami; Takashi ; Ehara; Tomoki ; Oyamada; Kazuyo ; Ashina; Shuichi ; Fujino; Junichi

23 Scenario Analysis of the Potential for CO2 Emission Reduction in the Iranian Cement Industry
Atabi; Farideh ; Ahadi; Mohammad Sadegh ; Bahramian; Kiandokht

Session 3

Energy End-Use Efficiency Issues

1 Review on Graphite Foam as Thermal Material for Heat Exchangers
Lin; Wamei ; Yuan; Jinliang ; Sundén; Bengt

2 The Thermal Response of Heat Storage System With Paraffin and Paraffin/Expanded Graphite Composite for Hot Water Supply
Zhang; P. ; Xia; L. ; Wang; R.Z.

3 Effect of Different Working Fluids on Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger to Recover Heat from Exhaust of An Automotive Diesel Engine
Hossain; S.N. ; Bari ; S

4 Working Fluid Selection for Organic Rankine Cycle Applied to Heat Recovery Systems
Bândean; D.C. ; Smolen; S. ; Cieslinski; J.T.

5 Examining the Effect of Heat Storage in a Cogeneration System
Salehi; G.R. ; Taghdiri; E. ; Deldadeh ; D.

6 Low Exergy HeatRrecovery for Sustainable Indoor Agriculture
Goncalves; Anthony ; Rousse; Daniel ; Milot; Julien

7 Environmental Analysis of Various Systems for the Cogeneration of Biogas Produced by An Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant (UWTP). (III).
Coble; J.J. ; Contreras; A.

8 Research on Energy-Saving and Exhaust Gas Emissions Compared Between Catalytic Combustion and Gas-Phase Combustion of Natural Gas
Zhang; Shihong ; Wang; Zhihua

9 Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of the Performance of a Whispergen Mk Vb micro CHP Unit in Typical UK House Conditions
Alexakis; A. ; Gounis; G. ; Mahkamov; K. ; Davis; J.

10 Performance Analysis of Integrated Wind; Photovoltaic and Biomass Energy Systems
Afzal; Anis

11 Feasibility Study of Solar-Wind Based Standalone Hybrid System for Application in Ethiopia
Bekele Beyene; Getachew

12 Analysis of the Training Metrics of ANNs and Linear MCP Models Used for Wind Power Density Estimation at A Candidate Site
Velázquez; Sergio ; Carta; José A. ; Matías; José

13 Using Electric Water Heaters (EWHs) for Power Balancing and Frequency Control in PV-Diesel Hybrid Mini-Grids
Elamari; K. ; Lopes; L.A.C. ; Tonkoski; R.

14 Impacts of Large-Scale Solar and Wind Power Production on the Balance of the Swedish Power System
Widén; Joakim ; Åberg; Magnus ; Henning; Dag

15 Sustainable Working Media Selection for Renewable Energy Technologies
Mazur; Victor A. ; Nikitin; Dmytro

16 Interactions Between Selected Energy Use and Production Characteristics of German Manufacturing Plants
Petrick; Sebastian ; Rehdanz; Katrin ; Wagner; Ulrich

17 Robin Hood and Donkey Theorems: A Framework for Renewable Energy in Ghana
Ndzibah; Emmanuel

18 Energy Efficiency Optimization Algorithm for Roadway Illumination Using ARM7TDMI Architecture
de Oliveira; Rafael B. ; Líbano; Fausto B.

19 Experimental Evaluation of a Gas Engine Driven Heat Pump Incorporated with Heat Recovery Subsystems for Water Heating Applications
Elgendy; E. ; Boye; G. ; Schmidt; J. ; Khalil; A. ; Fatouh; M.

20 Building Performance Based on Measured Data
Andersson; S. ; Sjögren; J-U ; Östin; R. ; Olofsson; T.

21 Sustainable Use of Electrical Energy at the University of Sonora; Mexico
Munguía; N. ; Zavala; A. ; Velázquez; L.

22 Energy and Environmental Aspects of Data Centers
Spatari; Sabrina ; Kandasamy; Nagarajan ; Kusic; Dara ; Ellis; Eugenia V. ; Wen; Jin

23 An Intelligent Knowledge Representation of Smart Home Energy Parameters
Kofler; Mario J. ; Reinisch; Christian ; Kastner; Wolfgang

24 Modeling Phase Change Materials Behaviour in Building Applications: Selected Comments
Dutil; Yvan ; Rousse; Daniel ; Lassue; Stéphane ; Zalewski; Laurent ; Joulin; Annabelle ; Virgone; Joseph ; Kuznik; Frédéric ; Johannes; Kevyn ; Dumas; Jean-Pierre ; Bédécarrats; Jean-Pierre ; Castell; Albert ; Cabeza; Luisa F.

25 Energy Efficiency Learning and Practice in Housing for Youths
Glad; Wiktoria ; Thoresson; Josefin

26 Reducing Households’ Energy Use: A Segmentation of Flanders on Adoption Intention of Smart Metering Technology
Stragier; Jeroen ; Hauttekeete; Laurence ; De Marez; Lieven

27 A Simple Estimation Method to Find the Proper Capacity of a Combined Heat and Power Unit
Cho; Woojin ; Kim; Janghyun ; Lee; Kwan-Soo

28 Electricity Intensities of the OECD and South Africa: A Comparison
Inglesi; Roula ; Blignaut; James N.

29 Direct Energy Use in the Livestock-Breeding Sector of Cyprus
Kythreotou; Nicoletta ; Florides; Georgios ; Tassou; Savvas A.

30 Active Demand Response Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Meat Industry
Alcázar-Ortega; Manuel ; Escrivá-Escrivá; Guillermo ; Álvarez-Bel; Carlos ; Domijan; Alexander

31 The Importance of End-Use Technologies for Long-Term Energy Use in Sweden
Bladh; Mats

32 Householdsand#8217; Energy Use - Which is the More Important: Efficient Technologies or User Practices?
Gram-Hanssen; Kirsten

33 Energy Variations in Apartment Buildings Due to Different Shape Factors and Relative Size of Common Areas
Danielski; I.

34 Energy Consumption In Non-Domestic Buildings: A Review of Schools
Kilpatrick; Richard A.R. ; Banfill; Phillip F. G.

35 Modeling Building Semantics: Providing Feedback and Sustainability
Grzybek; Hubert ; Shah; Hussnan H. ; Wiafe; Isaac ; Gulliver; Stephen R. ; Nakata; Keiichi

36 Energy Cultures - A Framework for Interdisciplinary Research
Stephenson; Janet ; Lawson; Rob ; Carrington; Gerry ; Barton; Barry ; Thorsnes; Paul

37 Appliances Facilitating Everyday Life - Electricity Use Derived from Daily Activities
Ellegård; Kajsa ; Widén; Joakim ; Vrotsou; Katerina

38 Providing a Heating Degree Days (HDDs) Atlas across Iran Entire Zones
Mehrabi; M. ; Kaabi-Nejadian; A. ; Khalaji Asadi; M.

39 Covariates of Fuel Saving Technologies in Urban Ethiopia
Damte; Abebe ; Koch; Steven F

40 Energy Performance of Portuguese and Danish Wood-Burning Stoves
Carvalho; Ricardo L. T. ; Jensen; Ole M. ; Tarelho; Luís A. C. ; Afshari; Alireza ; Bergsøe; Niels C. ; Andersen ; Jes S.

41 Field Study of Energy Performance of Wood-Burning Stoves
Jensen; Ole M. ; Afshari; Alireza ; Bergsøe; Niels C. ; Carvalho; Ricardo L.

42 Energy Led Refurbishment of Non-Domestic Buildings - Who Leads?
Strachan; Megan E. ; Banfill; Phil F. G.

43 Influence of External Actors in Swedish Homeownersand#8217; Adoption of Energy Efficient Windows
Nair; Gireesh ; Mahapatra; Krushna ; Gustavsson; Leif

44 The and#8217;Timeand#8217; Dimension of Electricity; Options for the Householder; and Implications for Policy
Darby; Sarah J.

45 Impacts of End-Use Energy Efficiency Measures on Life Cycle Primary Energy Use in An Existing Swedish Multi-Story Apartment Building
Dodoo; Ambrose ; Gustavsson; Leif ; Sathre; Roger

46 Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery for Low Carbon Retrofitting in Dwellings
Banfill; Phil F. G. ; Simpson; Sophie A. ; Gillott; Mark C. ; White; Jennifer

47 Barriers to Implement Energy Efficiency Investment Measures in Swedish Co-Operative Apartment Buildings
Nair; Gireesh ; Gustavsson; Leif ; Mahapatra; Krushna

48 Performance of A Cold Storage Air-Conditioning Aystem Using Tetrabutylammonium Bromide Clathrate Hydrate Slurry
Ma; Z.W. ; Zhang; P. ; Wang; R.Z.

49 Understanding Occupant Heating Practices in UK Dwellings
Kanea; T. ; Firth; S.K. ; Allinson; D. ; Irvine; K.N. ; Lomas ; K.J.

Session 4

Fuel Cells

1 Beyond the Simplicity: Optimizing the Hydrogen Production Process
Pampin; Miguel A. Bernal ; Cristóbal Andrade; Laura ; Bello Bugallo; Pastora M.

2 The Effect of A Boron Oxide Layer on Hydrogen Production by Boron Hydrolysis
Hamed; Tareq Abu ; Wahbeh; Bara ; Kasher; Roni

3 Case Study: Technical Assessment of the Efficiency Optimization in Direct Connected PV-Electrolysis System at Taleghan-Iran
Shiroudi; Abolfazl ; Taklimi; Seyed Reza Hosseini ; Jafari; Nilofar

4 Demonstration Project of the Solar Hydrogen Energy System Located on Taleghan-Iran: Technical-Economic Assessments
Shiroudi; Abolfazl ; Taklimi; Seyed Reza Hosseini

5 Two Dimensional PEM Fuel Cell Modeling at Different Operation Voltages
Ameri; Mohammad ; Oroojie; Pooria

6 Effect of Type and Concentration of Substrate on Power Generation in a Dual Chambered Microbial Fuel Cell
Ghoreyshi; A.A. ; Jafary; T. ; Najafpour; G.D. ; Haghparast; F.

7 Bioelectricity Power Generation from Organic Substrate in a Microbial Fuel Cell Using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae as Biocatalysts
Jafary; T. ; Najafpour; G.D. ; Ghoreyshi; A.A. ; Haghparast; F. ; Rahimnejad; M. ; Zare; H.

8 Performance and Economics of Low Cost Clay Cylinder Microbial Fuel Cell for Wastewater Treatment
Satyam B; Siva Rama ; Behera; Manaswini ; Ghangrekar; Makarand M.

9 Development of Laccase and Manganese Peroxidase Biocathodes for Microbial Fuel Cell Applications
Bakhshian; Sahar ; Kariminia; Hamid-Reza

10 Numerical Studies of PEM Fuel Cell with Serpentine Flow-Field for Sustainable Energy Use
Jang; Sang-Hoon ; Shin; GiSoo ; Hwang; Hana ; Choi; Kap-Seung ; Kim; Hyung-Man

11 Comparison of Three Anode Channel Configurations and Their Effects on DMFC Performance
Khoshmanesh; S.SH. ; Bordbar; S.

12 Investigation of Electrical; Structural and Thermal Stability Properties of Cubic (Bi2O3)1-x-y(Dy2O3)x(Ho2O3)y Ternary System
Kayali; Refik ; Kasikci; Murivet ; Durmus; Semra ; Ari; Mehmet

13 Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC) Engineering Design; Modeling and Simulation for UPS Provide in Laboratory Application
Ariyanfar; L. ; Ghadamian; H. ; Roshandel; R.

Session 5

Geothermal Applications

1 Energetic Performance Evaluation of An Earth to Air Heat Exchanger System for Agricultural Building Heating
Ozgener; Onder ; Ozgener; Leyla

2 An Adaptive Design Approach for A Geothermal Plant with Changing Resource Characteristics
Sohel; M. Imroz ; Sellier; Mathieu ; Krumdieck; Susan

3 Managing Sustainable Design for Geothermal Plants: the Engineerand#8217;s Perspective
Chin; Chun ; Gunderson; Joshua ; Stippel; Joe ; Fishman; Matt ; Saevarsdottir; Gudrun ; Harvey; William

4 Numerical Simulation of Northwest Sabalan Geothermal Reservoir; Iran
Noorollahi; Younes ; Itoi; Ryuichi

5 Utilisation of Hydrogeothermal Energy by Use of Heat Pumps in Serbia - Current State and Perspectives
Milenic; Dejan ; Vranjes; Ana

6 Geothermal Energy Utilization in the United States of America
Lund; J.

7 Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Solar-Geothermal Power Plant in Northern Chile
Mir; Ignacio ; Escobar; Rodrigo ; Vergara; Julio ; Bertrand; Julio

8 Potential Use of Geothermal Energy Sources for the Production of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Tao; Pai-chun ; Stefansson; Hlynur ; Harvey; William ; Saevarsdottir; Gudrun

9 Energy and Exergy Analysis and Optimization of a Double Flash Power Plant for Meshkin Shahr Region
Ameri; Mohammad ; Amanpour; Saman ; Amanpour; Saeid

10 Thermoeconomic Evaluation of Combined Heat and Power Generation for Geothermal Applications
Heberle; Florian ; Preißinger; Markus ; Brüggemann; Dieter

11 Energy Supply in Buildings: Heat Pump and Micro-Cogeneration
Martínez; Marta Galera ; Cristóbal Andrade; Laura ; Bello Bugallo; Pastora M. ; Bao Iglesias; Manuel

12 Study on the Performance of Air Conditioning System Combining Heat Pipe and Vapor Compression Based on Ground Source Energy-Bus for Commercial buildings in north China
Gao; Yijun ; Wu; Wei ; Han; Zongwei ; Li; Xianting

13 Economic Performance of Ground Source Heat Pump: Does It Pay Off?
Gabrielli; Laura ; Bottarelli; Michele

14 Comparing Geothermal Heat Pump System with Natural Gas Heating System
Acikkalp; Emin ; Aras; Haydar

15 Optimization of a Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump using the Response Surface Method
Park; Honghee ; Kim; Wonuk ; Lee; Joo Seoung ; Kim; Yongchan

16 Experimental Ground Source Heat Pump System to Investigate Heat Transfer In Soil
Demir; Hakan ; Atayilmaz; S. Özgür ; Agra; Özden

17 Influence of Undisturbed Ground Temperature and Geothermal Gradient on the Sizing of Borehole Heat Exchangers
Kurevija; Tomislav ; Vulin; Domagoj ; Krapec; Vedrana

18 Utilization of Geothermal Heat Pumps in Residential Buildings for GHGs Emission Reduction
Atabi; Farideh ; Heibati; Seyed Mohammad Reza ; Rasouli; Arash ; Poursaeed; Ali

Session 6

Hydropower Applications

1 Low Head Pico Hydro Turbine Selection using a Multi-Criteria Analysis
Williamson; S.J. ; Stark; B.H. ; Booker; J.D.

2 Small Scale Hydropower: Generator Analysis and Optimization for Water Supply Systems
Caxaria; Guilherme A. ; de Mesquita e Sousa; Duarte ; Ramos; Helena M.

3 Performance Evaluation of Cross-Flow Turbine for Low Head Application
Ho-Yan; Bryan ; Lubitz; W. David

4 Water Supply Lines as a Source of Small Hydropower in Turkey: A Case Study in Edremit
Kucukali; S.

5 Concept-H: Sustainable Energy Supply
Margeta; Jure ; Glasnovic; Zvonimir

6 Environmentally Compatible Hydropower Potential in the Estuary of the River Ems - Analysis for a Floating Energy Converter
Dimke; Steffi ; Weichbrodt; Frank ; Froehle; Peter

7 Investigation on Effect of Aged Pumped-Storaged Component Replacement on Economic Profits Considering Reliability and Economic Efficiency
Kim; Jong Sung

8 Risk Assessment of River-Type Hydropower Plants by Using Fuzzy Logic Approach
Kucukali; S.

9 Pump as Turbine: Dynamic Effects in Small Hydro
Morgado; Pedro A. ; Ramos; Helena M.

10 Acoustic Impact of An Urban Micro Hydro Scheme
Johnson; Neil ; Kang; Jian ; Sharples; Steve ; Hathway; Abigail ; Dökmeci; Papatya

11 A Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Based on Pressure Fluctuations in Kármán Vortex Street
Wang; Dung-An ; Pham; Huy-Tuan ; Chao; Chia-Wei ; Chen; Jerry M.

12 Low Head Hydropower - Its Design and Economic Potential
Hadler; Jana ; Broekel; Klaus

13 On the Large Scale Assessment of Small Hydroelectric Potential: Application to the Province of New Brunswick (Canada)
Cyr; Jean-François ; Landry; Mathieu ; Gagnon; Yves

Session 7

Industrial Energy Efficiency

1 The Effect of Long Lead Times for Planning of Energy Efficiency and Biorefinery Technologies at a Pulp Mill
Svensson; Elin ; Berntsson; Thore

2 Energy Use Project and Conversion Efficiency Analysis on Biogas Produced in Breweries
Li; Yingjian ; Qiu; Qi ; He; Xiangzhu ; Li; Jiezhi

3 Thermoeconomic Optimization of Absorption Chiller Cycle
Mashayekh; H. ; Salehi; G.R. ; Taghdiri; E. ; Hamedi; M.H.

4 Simulation and Optimization of Steam Generation in a Pulp and Paper Mill
Ji; Xiaoyan ; Lundgren; Joakim ; Wang; Chuan ; Dahl; Jan ; Grip; Carl-Erik

5 A Simplified Energy Management System Towards Increased Energy Efficiency in SMEs
Hrustic; Adnan ; Sommarin; Per ; Thollander; Patrik ; Söderström; Mats

6 Pinch Analysis of a Partly Integrated Pulp and Paper Mill
Svensson; Elin ; Harvey; Simon

7 Power Yield Processes: Modeling; Simulation and Optimization
Kuran; P. ; Sieniutycz; S.

8 Application of Oxygen Enrichment in Hot Stoves and Its Potential Influences on the Energy System at An Integrated Steel Plant
Wang; Chuan ; Karlsson; Jonny ; Hooey; Lawrence ; Boden; Axel

9 Economical Analysis of a Chemical Heat Pump System for Waste Heat Recovery
Demir; Hakan ; Agra; Özden ; Atayilmaz; S. Özgür

10 Avoiding Loss of Energy in a Petrochemical Industry; Operation and Design
Ávila; S. ; Kiperstok; A. ; Braga; B. ; Kalid; R.

11 Integration of Biogas Plants in the Building Materials Industry
Ellersdorfer; M. ; Weiss; C.

12 Improvement of Energy Utilization in Natural Gas Liquid Plant Through Using Self-Refrigeration System
Farzaneh; H. ; Abbasgholi; B.

13 Analysis of Optimal Application for Exhaust Gas in Thermal Oxidizers with Case Studies
Hamedi; Naser ; Abadi; Arzhang ; Jajarmi; Ramin Imani

14 Evaluation of Repowering in a Gas Fired Steam Power Plant Based on Exergy and Exergoeconomic Analysis
Baghestani; Mohammad ; Ziabasharhagh; Masoud ; Maneshr; Mohammad Hasan Khoshgoftar

15 An Inquiry into the Sources of Change in Industrial Energy Use in the Japanese Economy: Multiple Calibration Decomposition Analysis
Tamura; Makoto ; Okushima; Shinichiro

16 Simulation of Energy Recovery System for Power Generation Form Coal Bed Gas of Tabas Coal Mine of Iran
Farzaneh; H. ; Fahimi; M.

17 Possibilities and Problems in Using Exergy Expressions in Process Integration
Grip; Carl-Erik ; Elfgren; Erik ; Söderström; Mats ; Thollander; Patrik ; Berntsson; Thore ; Åsblad; Anders ; Wang; Chuan

18 Exergy Analysis Applied to a Mexican Flavor Industry that Uses Liquefied Petroleum Gas as a Primary Energy Source
Burgos-Madrigal; P. ; Gómez; V.H. ; Best; R.

19 Thermal Cooling Basin Exploration for Thermal Calculations
Shipkovs; Peteris ; Grinbergs; Kaspars

20 Development of a Tool for the Evaluation and Emprovement of the Energy Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Morales; I. ; Jiménez; J.P.

21 “Uncovering Industrial Symbiosis in Sweden” -Exploring a Possible Approach
Persson; Sofia ; Ivner; Jenny

22 Towards Increased Energy Efficiency in Industry - A Manager’s Perspective
Johansson; Per-Erik ; Thollander; Patrik ; Moshfegh; Bahram

23 Comparison of Repowering by STIG Combined Cycle and Full Repowering Based on Exergy and Exergoeconomic Enalysis
Baghestani; Mohammad ; Ziabasharhagh; Masoud ; Maneshr; Mohammad Hasan Khoshgoftar

24 Possibilities to Implement Pinch Analysis in the Steel Industry - A Case Study at SSAB EMEA in Luleå
Isaksson; Johan ; Harvey; Simon ; Grip; Carl-Erik ; Karlsson; Jonny

25 Energy Efficient Dual Command Cycles in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
Meneghetti; Antonella ; Monti; Luca

26 Energy System Optimization for a Scrap Based Steel Plant Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming
Riesbeck; Johan ; Lingebrant; Philip ; Sandberg; Erik ; Wang; Chuan

27 Environmental System Effects when Including Scrap Preheating and Surface Cleaning in Steel Making Routes
Östman; Marianne ; Lundkvist; Katarina ; Larsson; Mikael

28 Potential of Fossil and Renewable CHP Technology to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the German Industry Sector
Klobasa; Marian ; Toro; Felipe ; Idrissova; Farikha ; Reitze; Felix

29 Energy Efficiency Opportunities within the Powder Coating Industry
Osbeck; Sofie ; Bergek; Charlotte ; Klässbo; Anders ; Thollander; Patrik ; Harvey; Simon ; Rohdin; Patrik

30 Case Study and Analysis of the Production Processes in a Steel Factory in Jordan
Al Asfar; Jamil J. ; Salim; Ashraf

31 Applying Process Integration Methods to Target for Electricity Production from Industrial Waste Heat Using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Technology
Hackl; Roman ; Harvey; Simon

32 Modeling SOFC and GT Integrated-Cycle Power System with Energy Consumption Minimizing Target to Improve Comprehensive cycle Performance (Applied in pulp and paper; case studied)
Ozgoli; H.A. ; Ghadamian; H. ; Andriazian; N.

33 Studies of Preferences As an Extra Dimension in System Studies
Alriksson; Stina ; Grip; Carl-Erik

Session 8

Low-Energy Architecture

1 Earthen Buildings for a Low-Cost High-Energy Performance Social Housing
Liuzzi; Stefania ; Stefanizzi; Pietro

2 Energy Performance of Residential Buildings and their Architectural Configuration
Erlalelitepe; Ilknur ; Evren Ekmen; Kenan ; Turhan; Cihan ; Akdemir; Manolya ; Gökcen Akkurt; Gülden ; Kazanasmaz; Tugce

3 Existing Buildings - Users; Renovations and Policy
Gram-Hanssen; Kirsten

4 An Energy-Autonomous Home in Melbourne - Myth or Reality?
Fuller; R.J. ; Loersch; S.J.

5 Feasibility Study on Using Solar Chimney and Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger for Natural Heating of Buildings
Haghighi Poshtiri; Amin ; Gilani; Neda ; Zamiri; Farshad

6 Case Study on the Whole Life Carbon Cycle in Buildings
Darby; Howard J. ; Elmualim; Abbas A. ; Kelly; Fergal

7 From a Passive to An Active House
Isaksson ; Charlotta

8 Numerical Simulation of a PCM Shutter for Buildings Space Heating During the Winter
Soares; N. ; Samagaio; A. ; Vicente; R. ; Costa ; J.

9 Considering Usersand#8217; Factors in Sustainable Building Refurbishment Projects
Agha-Hossein; M. ; Elmualim; A. ; Williams; M. ; Kluth; A.

10 Environmental Impact of Optimum Insulation Thickness in Buildings
Agra; Özden ; Atayilmaz; S.Özgür ; Demir; Hakan ; Teke; Ismail

11 Overheating Risk Evaluation of School Classrooms
Teli; Despoina ; Jentsch; Mark F. ; James; Patrick A.B. ; Bahaj; AbuBakr S.

12 Energy Retrofit and Indoor Environmental Requalification of Existing School Buildings. Method and Tools for Operating Procedures
Boarin; Paola ; Davoli; Pietromaria

13 Analysing the Energy Performance of Secondary Schools in N. Greece
Vagi; F. ; Dimoudi; A.

14 Optimal Design of Net Zero Energy Buildings
Hasan; Ala

15 Experimental Performance of Unglazed Transpired Solar Collector for Air Heating
Chan; Hoy-Yen ; Riffat; Saffa ; Zhu; Jie

16 Improving Thermal Performance of Offices in JUST Using Fixed Shading Devices
Freewan; Ahmed A.Y.

17 The Assessment of Advanced Daylighting Systems in Multi-Story Office Buildings Using a Dynamic Method
Hu; Jianxin ; Du; Jiangtao ; Place; Wayne

18 Optimized Modular Window as A Sustainable and Industrialized Solution for Indoor Daylighting
Oteiza; P. ; Orozco; S. ; Pérez; M. ; Bedoya; C. ; Neila; J.

19 Volumetric - Spatial Design and Daylight in Apartment Buildings. Study Case: Havana City.
González Couret; D. ; Abreu de la Rosa; D.F.

20 Modeling of Skylight on Dome Shaped Roof of Low Energy Adobe House Located in New Delhi (India)
Chel; Arvind ; Tiwari; G.N.

21 Double Layer Glass Façade in the Refurbishment and Architectural Renewal of Existing Buildings in Italy
Brunoro; Silvia ; Rinaldi; Andrea

22 A Model Study of the Daylight and Energy Performance of Rooms Adjoining an Atrium Well
Du; Jiangtao ; Sharples; Steve ; Johnson; Neil

23 Numerical Analysis on Daylight Transmission and Thermal Comfort in the Environments Containing Devices Called “Double Light Pipes”
Boccia; O. ; Chella; F. ; Zazzini; P.

24 Ventilated Illuminating Wall (VIW): Natural Ventilation and Daylight Experimental Analysis on a 1:1 Prototype Scale Model
Boccia; O. ; Chella; F. ; Zazzini; P.

25 Ventilated Illuminating Wall (VIW): Natural Ventilation Numerical Analysis and Comparison with Experimental Results
Boccia; O. ; Chella; F. ; Zazzini; P.

26 Experimental and Numerical Study on the Performance of Solar Walls in Mediterranean Climates
Stazi; Francesca ; Mastrucci; Alessio ; Di Perna; Costanzo

27 Thermal Performance Evaluation of Domed Roofs
Faghih; Ahmadreza K. ; Bahadori; Mehdi N.

28 A Study of Single-Sided Ventilation and Provision of Balconies in the Context of High-Rise Residential Buildings
Mohamed; M.F. ; King; S. ; Behnia; M. ; Prasad; D.

29 Impact of Ventilation Heat Recovery on Primary Energy Use of Apartment Buildings Built to Conventional and Passive House Standard
Gustavsson; Leif ; Dodoo; Ambrose ; Sathre; Roger

30 Energy and Comfort Benefits of a Cool Roof Application in a Non-Residential Building Belonging to Roma Tre University
Carnielo; E. ; Fanchiotti; A. ; Zinzi; M.

31 Solar Reflectance Performance of Roof Coverings in Istanbul; Turkey
Kultur; Sinem ; Turkeri; Nil

32 Hydrogen Economy and the Built Environment
El Azzeh; S. ; Sarshar; M. ; Fayaz; R.

33 Developing a Probabilistic Tool for Assessing the Risk of Overheating in Buildings for Future Climates
Jenkins; David P. ; Patidar; Sandhya ; Banfill; Phil ; Gibson; Gavin

34 Energy Efficient Buildings with Functional Steel Cladding
Joudi; M.A. ; Rönnelid; M. ; Svedung; H. ; Wäckelgård; E.

35 Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings: a Tool for Analysing the Compatibility; Integration and Reversibility of Renewable Energy Technologies
Lucchi; Elena

36 Towards an Objective Assessment of Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings
Ingram; V. ; Banfill; P.F.G. ; Kennedy; C.

37 Climate Control in Historic Buildings in Denmark
Klenz Larsen; Poul ; Broström; Tor

38 Solar Energy and Cultural-Heritage Values
Broström; Tor ; Svahnström; Karin

39 Exergy Analysis of Different Solutions for Humidity Control in Heritage Buildings
Molinari; M. ; Broström; T.

40 New Software for Generation of Typical Meteorological Year
Ebrahimpour; Abdulsalam

41 Use of Stochastic Weather Generators in the Projection of Building Energy Demand in a Changing Climate
Williams; David R.S. ; Elghali; Lucia ; Wheeler; Russel C.

42 Daylighting; Daylight Simulation and Public Health: Low-Energy Lighting for Optimal Vision/Visual Acuity and Health/Wellbeing
Ellis; E.V. ; Handly; N.B. ; McEachron; D.L. ; Del Risco; A. ; Baynard; M.

43 Simulations of Comfort Cooling Strategies in Passive Houses in a Swedish Climate
Persson; J. ; Westermark; M.

44 Theory Versus Practice of Energy and Comfort in 4 Low Energy Houses in Belgium
Verbeeck; Griet ; Carmans; Werner ; Martens; Veerle

45 Energy Simulations on Switchable Mirrors - Comparisons Between Three Simulation Tools
Jonsson; Andreas ; Roos; Arne ; Yasusei; Yamada

46 Rice-Straw Based Cement Brick Microclimatic Thermal Impact Assessment in Cairo; Egypt
Akmal; Tamer ; Fahmy; Mohammad ; El-Kadi; Abdul-Wahab

47 Comparative Survey on Using Two Passive Cooling Systems; Solar Chimney-Earth to Air Heat Exchanger and Solar Chimney-Evaporative Cooling Cavity
Haghighi Poshtiri; Amin ; Gilani; Neda ; Zamiri; Farshad

48 Experimental Study of Long-Wave Night Sky Radiation in Owerri; Nigeria for Passive Cooling Application
Ogueke; N.V. ; Onwuachu; C.C. ; Anyanwu ; E.E.

49 Design of A Sustainable House Including the Requisites of the Spanish Regulation
Abades Martínez; Luis ; Martínez Pérez; Erika ; Cristóbal Andrade; Laura ; Bello Bugallo; Pastora M.

50 Carbon Footprint of a 100-Year Old House: Case-Study of Improvements and Implications for the UK Housing Stock
Williams; Arthur A. ; Gillott; Mark

51 Effect of Condenser Air Flow on the Performance of Split Air Conditioner
Elsayed; Amr O. ; Hariri; Abdulrahman S.

Session 9

Marine and Ocean Technology

1 Assessment of A Multi-Cell Fabric Structure as An Attenuating Wave Energy Converter
Hann; M.R. ; Chaplin; J.R. ; Farley; F.J.M.

2 The WaveCat© - Development of A New Wave Energy Converter
Iglesias; Gregorio ; Fernández; Hernán ; Carballo; Rodrigo ; Castro; Alberte ; Taveira-Pinto; Francisco

3 Extreme Loads on the Mooring Lines and Survivability Mode for the Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converter
Parmeggiani; S. ; Kofoed; J. P. ; Friis-Madsen; E.

4 Design of A 100 GWh Wave Energy Plant
Jayashankar; V. ; Mala; K. ; Kedarnath; S. ; Jayaraj; J. ; Omezhilan; U. ; Krishna; V.

5 The Wave Excitation Forces on a Floating Vertical Cylinder in Water of Infinite Depth
Finnegan; William ; Meere; Martin ; Goggins; Jamie

6 2D Numerical Simulation of Ocean Waves
Du; Qingjie ; Leung; Dennis Y.C.

7 The Potential of Chemical-Osmotic Energy for Renewable Power Generation
Sharif; Adel O. ; Merdaw; Ali. A. ; Sanduk; Mohammed I. ; Al-Aibi; Sami M. ; Rahal; Zena

8 Ocean Power Conversion for Electricity Generation and Desalinated Water Production
Ferreira; Rafael ; Estefen; Segen

9 Physical Investigation Into An Array of Onshore OWCPs Designed for Water Delivery
Magagna; Davide ; Stagonas; Dimitris ; Muller; Gerald

10 Preliminary Design of the OWEL Wave Energy Converter Commercial Demonstrator
Leybourne; M. ; Batten; W. ; Bahaj; AbuBakr S. ; Minns; N. ; O’Nians; J.

11 Investigation of Wave Farm Electrical Network Configurations
Sharkey; Fergus ; Conlon; Michael ; Gaughan; Kevin

12 Performance Analysis of A Floating Power Plant with A Unidirectional Turbine Based Power Module
Prasad; Dudhgaonkar ; Kedarnath; S. ; Biren; Pattanaik ; Purnima; Jalihal ; Jayashankar; V.

13 Impact of Tidal Stream Turbines on Sand Bank Dynamics
Neill; Simon P. ; Jordan; James R. ; Couch; Scott J.

14 Experimental and Numerical Results of Rotor Power and Thrust of a Tidal Turbine Operating at Yaw and in Waves
Galloway; Pascal W. ; Myers; Luke E. ; Bahaj; AbuBakr S.

15 Hydro-Environmental Impact Assessment of the Significance of the Shape of Arrays of Tidal Stream Turbines
Ahmadian; Reza ; Falconer; Roger ; Bockelmann-Evans; Bettina

16 Experimental Investigation of the Effects of the Presence and Operation of Tidal Turbine Arrays in A Split Tidal Channel
Daly; Tim ; Myers; Luke E. ; Bahaj; AbuBakr S.

17 The Downstream Wake Response of Marine Current Energy Converters Operating in Shallow Tidal Flows
Giles; Jack ; Myers; Luke E. ; Bahaj; AbuBakr S. ; Shelmerdine; Bob

18 Development of a Low Cost Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter for Electric Mobility
Foster; Jacob W. ; Ghorbani; Reza ; Garambois; Pierre ; Jonson; Emma ; Karlsson; Sten

Session 10

Policy Issues

1 Technical Feasibility of Integration of Renewable Energies in the EU
Szabo; Marta

2 Development of the Sustainable Technology Balance Sheet (STBS) - A Generic Method to Assess the Sustainability of Renewable Energy Technologies
Brent; Alan C ; Peach; Wildri D ; Stafford; William

3 The SIMPLE Methodology for Supporting Innovations in the Field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Hjelm; Olof

4 Tools and Mechanisms Fostering EU GCC Cooperation on Energy Efficiency
Papadopoulou; A. ; Doukas; H. ; Karakosta; C. ; Makarouni; I. ; Ferroukhi; R. ; Luciani; G. ; Psarras; J.

5 The Emerging Bio-Economy in Europe: Exploring the Key Governance Challenges
McCormick; K.

6 Tools for Sustainable Energy Engineering
Wall; Göran

7 Policy Intervention and Technical Change in Mature Industry: The Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry and the Biorefinery
Karltorp; Kersti ; Sandén; Björn A

8 Incentive Regulation of CHP Performance
Verbruggen; Aviel

9 An Optimization Model for the Integration of Renewable Technologies in Power Generation Systems
Poullikkas; Andreas

10 U.S. Climate and Energy Policy: What Went Wrong; and What it Means for Global Renewable Energy Technology Development
Hinckley; Elias

11 Follow-Up of Local Energy and Climate Strategies - A Study of Six Small Swedish Municipalities
Ivner; Jenny ; Gustafsson; Sara

12 Green Jobs? Economic Impacts of Renewable Energy in Germany
Lehr; Ulrike ; Lutz; Christian

13 Cost and Benefit of Renewable Energy in Europe
Krozer; Yoram

14 Utilities’ Business Models for Renewable Energy: Evidence from Germany
Richter; Mario

15 Energy Security Centres in Support of the Development of a Comprehensive EU Energy Policy
Nagy; K. ; Körmendi; K.

16 Diversity; Security; and Adaptability in Energy Systems: a Comparative Analysis of Four Countries in Asia
Lo; Liang-huey

17 Applications of Energy Security Assessment in Strategic Environmental Assessment
Chen; Chi-Feng

18 Have to Re-examine Renewable Energy
Yong; Chen ; Haoran; Yuan

19 Evaluation and Analysis of Renewable Energy Sources Potential in Slovenia and its Compatibility Examination with Slovenian National Renewable Energy Action Plan
Obrecht; Matevz ; Denac; Matjaz ; Furjan; Patricija ; Delcnjak; Milena

20 Regulation for Renewable Energy Development: Lessons from Sri Lanka Experience
Wijayatunga; Priyantha D C

21 Policy and Strategy Aspects for Renewable Energy Sources use in Latvia
Shipkovs; Peteris ; Pelite; Uldis ; Kashkarova; Galina ; Lebedeva; Kristina ; Migla; Lana ; Shipkovs; Janis

22 New and Renewable Energy Policies of Jeju Island in Korea
Cheol Park; Youn ; Seung Kim; Dong ; Huh; Jong-Chul ; Gil Kim; Young

23 Renewable Energy Policy in Turkey
Kucukali; S. ; Baris; K.

24 Energy and Sustainability: Public Perspectives on What are the Issues; Who Should Address them and How
Di Ruggero; Olga

25 Performance of Jatropha Biodiesel Production and Its Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts - A Case Study in Southern India
Axelsson; Lisa ; Franzén; Maria ; Ostwald; Madelene ; Berndes; Göran ; Ravindranath; N.H.

26 PURE - Public Understanding of Renewable Energy
Broman; Lars ; Kandpal; Tara C.

27 Potential Renewable Bioenergy Production from Canadian Agriculture
Liu; Tingting ; McConkey; Brian ; Smith; Stephen ; MacGregor; Bob ; Huffman; Ted

28 Drivers and Barriers to Rural Electrification in Tanzania and Mozambique - Grid Extension; Off-Grid and Renewable Energy Sources
Ahlborg; Helene ; Hammar; Linus

29 Renewable Energy Policies Implementation Drivers and Barriers for Abu Dhabi
Mezher; Toufic ; Dawelbait; Gihan ; Abbas; Zeina

30 Barriers to and Drivers of the Adoption of Energy Crops by Swedish Farmers: An Empirical Study
Jonsson; Anna C. ; Ostwald; Madelene ; Asplund; Therese ; Wibeck; Victoria

31 The Chinese Grain for Green Program - Assessing the Sequestered Carbon from the Land Reform
Ostwald; Madelene ; Moberg; Jesper ; Persson; Martin ; Xu ; Jintao

32 How Would Renewables Fair if a Return to Planned Electricity Markets Was Introduced?
Thomas; Stephen

33 Investment in Wind Power and Pumped Storage in a Real Options Model - A Policy Analysis
Reuter; Wolf-Heinrich ; Fuss; Sabine ; Szolgayová; Jana ; Obersteiner; Michael

34 Grid-Connected Renewable Energy in China: Policies and Institutions in a Socialist Market Economy
García; Clara

35 Policies and Institutions for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy: “Best Practice” vs. the Case of China
García; Clara

36 Expansion of the Swedish Elcert Certificates System to the Netherlands: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Jansen; Jaap C. ; Lensink; Sander M. ; van der Welle; Adriaan J.

37 Proposal of a Framework for the Selection of Renewable Energy Technology Systems in Africa
Barry; Marie-Louise ; Steyn; Herman ; Brent; Alan

38 Biofuel Sustainability: Relationships between the Directive 2009/28/EC and Scientific Research
Spreafico; Luca ; Peri ; Massimo

39 Which Factors Affect the Willingness of Tourists to Pay for Renewable Energy?
Kostakis; I. ; Sardianou; E.

40 A Dynamic Hypothesis for Developing Energy-Efficiency Technologies in Housing Industry
Motawa; Ibrahim A. ; Banfill; Phil F.

41 Swedish Building Policy and the Manufacturers of Single-Family Houses in the County of Dalarna. A Collaboration for the Future Goal of the Improvement of Energy Efficiency?
Perman; K.

42 Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Central Africa: Cameroon Case Study
Kenfack; Joseph ; Fogue; Médard ; Hamandjoda; Oumarou ; Tamo Tatietse; Thomas

43 The impact of the GB Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive to the Economics of Various Microgeneration Technologies at the Street Level
Papafragkou; A. ; James; P.A.B ; Bahaj; A.S.

44 The Parameters Used in Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methodologies for Drafting out Renewable Energy Sources Support Schemes
Theodorou; Savvas C. ; Florides; Georgios ; A. Tassou; Savvas

45 Windpower Contribution to Sustainable Development in Brazil
Simas; Moana ; Pacca; Sergio

46 Wind Electricity Generation in Three States of India: Policies and Status
Thyageswaran; Sridhar

47 Managing the Diffusion and Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies in Nigeria
Bada; Hakeem A.

48 Shifting the Policy Paradigm of Solar Photovoltaic and Other Renewable Energy Technologies Supply in Rural Ghana
Bawakyillenuo; Simon

49 Measures to Promote Adoption of Residential Photovoltaic Systems
Yamamoto; Yoshihiro

50 The New Course of FITs Mechanism for PV Systems in Italy: Novelties; Strong Points and Criticalities
Favuzza; Salvatore ; Zizzo; Gaetano

51 Channelling Norwegian Hydropower Towards Greener Currents: The Challenge of Conflicting Environmental Concerns?
Knudsen; Jørgen K. ; Egeland; Helene ; Jacobsen; Gerd B. ; Ruud; Audun ; Lafferty; William M.

52 Small Hydropower Development and Legal Limitations in Thailand
Supriyasilp; Thanaporn ; Pongput; Kobkiat ; Robkob; Challenge

53 Reducing Our Emissions while Achieving Good Status of Our Water Bodies - Is It Possible? Swedish Hydropower in the Limelight
Rudberg; Peter M. ; Nilsson; Måns

Session 11

Photovoltaic Technology

1 Impacts of CO2 Emission Constraints on Penetration of Solar PV in the Bangladesh Power Sector
Mondal; Md. Alam Hossain

2 Comparing Push and Pull Measures for PV and Wind in Europe
Laleman; Ruben ; Albrecht; Johan

3 Combined Solar Power and TPV
Dahlquist; Erik ; Karlsson; Björn ; Lindberg; Eva

4 Comparative Performance of Various PV Technologies in Different Italian Locations
Colli; A. ; Marzoli; M. ; Zaaiman; W. ; Guastella; S. ; Sparber; W.

5 An Investigation of the Impact of Time of Generation on Carbon Savings from PV Systems in Great Britain
Burgess; P.A. ; Vahdati; M.M. ; Davies; D.

6 Concentrator Photovoltaic Technologies and Market: A Critical Review
Mokri; Alaeddine ; Emziane; Mahieddine

7 Environmental Impacts of Large-Scale Grid-Connected Ground-Mounted PV Installations
Beylot.; Antoine ; Payet; Jérome ; Puech; Clément ; Adra; Nadine ; Jacquin; Philippe ; Blanc; Isabelle ; Beloin-Saint-Pierre; Didier

8 Progress in Luminescent Solar Concentrator Research: Solar Energy for the Built Environment
Verbunt; Paul P.C. ; Debije; Michael G.

9 Design and Simulation of a PV and a PV-Wind Standalone Energy System: A Case Study for a Household Application in Nicosia; Cyprus
Panayiotou; Gregoris ; Kalogirouand; Soteris ; Tassou; Savvas

10 High Efficiency Multijunction Tandem Solar Cells with Embedded Short-Period Superlattices
Varonides; Argyrios C.

11 Simulations of Implantation Temperature Impact on Three-dimensional Texturing in Silicon Solar Cells
Jahanshah; F. ; Sopian; K. ; Zaidi; S.H. ; Gholipour; E.

12 Development and New Application of Single-Crystal Silicon Solar Cells
Khrypunov; G.S. ; Kopach; V.R. ; Kirichenko; M.V. ; Zaitsev; R.V.

13 Improvement of Solar Cells Efficiency and Radiation Stability by Deposition of Diamond-Like Carbon Films
Klyui; Nickolai I. ; Lukyanov; Anatoliy N. ; Makarov; Anatoliy V. ; Lozinskii; Volodymyr B. ; Khrypunov; Gennadiy S. ; Klyui; Andriy N.

14 Formation of Transparent and Ohmic Nanostructure Thin Films of Fluorine-Doped Indium Oxide Prepared by Spray
Rozati; S.M. ; Bargbidi ; Z.

15 Research and Development of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells in the Center for Molecular Devices: From Molecules to Modules
Boschloo; Gerrit ; Hagfeldt; Anders ; Rensmo; Håkan ; Kloo; Lars ; Sun; Licheng ; Pettersson; Henrik

16 Studies of the Anionic Micelles Effect on Photogalvanic Cells for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage in Sodium Lauryl Sulphate-Safranine-D-Xylose System
Solanki; Prem Prakash ; Gangotri; K M

17 New Cadmium Sulfide Nanomaterial for Heterogeneous Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Rohovec; Jan ; Touskova; Jana ; Tousek; Jiri ; Schauer; Frantisek ; Kuritka; Ivo

18 CdS Nanoparticles Surfactant Removal Transport Study by Transient Charge Measurements
Schauer; F. ; Nadazdy; V. ; Lányi; S. ; Rohovec; J. ; Kuritka; I. ; Touskova; J. ; Tousek; J.

19 Charge Transient and Electrochemical Measurements as a Tool for Characterization and Degradation Study of Organic Semiconductors - PMPSis and MEH-PPV
Nadazdy; V. ; Gmucova; K. ; Lányi; S. ; Schauer; F. ; Kuritka; I.

20 Fabrication of Annealing-Free High Efficiency and Large Area Polymer Solar Cells by Roller Painting Process
Woong Jung; Jae ; Ho Jo; Won

21 Bi-Layer GaOHPc:PCBM/P3HT:PCBM Organic Solar Cell
Kaulachs; I. ; Muzikante; I. ; Gerca; L. ; Shlihta; G. ; Shipkovs; P. ; Kashkarova; G. ; Roze; M. ; Kalnachs; J. ; Murashov; A. ; Rozite; G.

22 Pulse and Direct Current Electrodeposition of Zinc Oxide Layers for Solar Cells with Extra Thin Absorbers
Khrypunov; G. ; Klochko; N. ; Volkova; N. ; Kopach; V. ; Lyubov; V. ; Klepikova; K.

23 Rope-Pump System Modelling using Renewable Power Combinations
Williams; Cai ; Beattie; Andrew ; Parker; Tim ; Read; Jo ; Booker; Julian D.

24 Machine Learning Approach for Next Day Energy Production Forecasting in Grid Connected Photovoltaic Plants
Mora-López; L. ; Martínez-Marchena; I. ; Piliougine; M. ; Sidrach-deCardona; M.

25 PSpice Model for Optimization of battery Charging using Maximum power point Tracker
Ansari; Md. Fahim ; Afzal; Anis ; Chatterji; S. ; Iqbal; Atif ; Nautiyal; N.K ; Thakur; Padmanabh

26 Photovoltaic for Rural Development: A Study of Policy Impact and Scope of Market Development in South Asian Region
Mahajan; Siddha ; Garud; Shirish

27 Case Study: Modelling and Sizing Stand-Alone PV Systems for Powering Mobile Phone Stations in Libya
Ghozzia; Salem ; Mahkamovb; Khamid

28 Designing a Photovoltaic Solar Energy System for a Commercial Building. Case Study: Rosa Park Hotel in Khartoum-Sudan
Widatalla; Asim M. ; Zinko; Heimo

29 Analytical Model and Experimental Validation of the Heat Transfer and the Induced Flow in a PV Cooling Duct in Environmental Conditions
Mazón; R. ; Káiser; A.S. ; Zamora; B. ; García; J.R. ; Vera; F.

30 Design; Fabrication and Testing of Micro-Channel Solar Cell Thermal (MCSCT) Tiles in Indoor Condition
Agrawal; Sanjay ; Solanki; S.C. ; Tiwari; G.N.

31 Using Structured Aluminum Reflectors in Flux Scattering on Module Performance
Simfukwe; Joseph ; Hatwaambo; Sylvester ; Hansingo; Kabumbwe

32 Semi-Virtual Laboratory Design for Photovoltaic Generator Characterization Performance
Belmili; Hocine ; Haddadi; MouradMed Aitcheikh; Salah ; Chikouche; Ahmed

33 Two Phase Change Material with Different Closed Shape Fins in Building Integrated Photovoltaic System Temperature Regulation
Huang; M. J.

34 Performance-Based Analysis of a Double-Receiver Photovoltaic System
Mokri; Alaeddine ; Emziane; Mahieddine

35 Improving the Performance of Solar Panels by the Use of Phase-Change Materials
Biwole; Pascal ; Eclache; Pierre ; Kuznik; Frederic

36 Assessing the Impact of Micro Generation in Radial Low Voltage Distribution Networks Taking into Consideration the Uncertainty
Gomes; Alvaro ; Pires; Luís

37 Optimal Sizing of an Islanded Micro-Grid for an Area in North-West Iran Using Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Reliability Concept
Hassanzadehfard; H. ; Moghaddas-Tafreshi; S.M. ; Hakimi; S.M.

38 Evaluation of the Solar Hybrid System for Rural Schools in Sabah; Malaysia
Mahmud ; Abdul Muhaimin

39 Analysis of Dust Losses in Photovoltaic Modules
Zorrilla-Casanova; J. ; Piliougine; M. ; Carretero; J. ; Bernaola; P. ; Carpena; P. ; Mora-López; L. ; Sidrach-de-Cardona; M.

40 An Experimental Study of Combining a Photovoltaic System with a Heating System
Hosseini; R. ; Hosseini; N. ; Khorasanizadeh; H.

Session 12

Sustainable Cities and Regions

2 Renewable Energy in Flanders. Current Situation; Trends and Potential for Spatial Planning
Lastra Bravo; X.B. ; Steenberghen; T. ; Tolón Becerra; A. ; Debecker; B.

3 Sustainable Cities: Strategy and Indicators for Healthy Living Environments
Aboulnaga; Mohsen M. ; Abdullah; Sabah

4 Semantic Link with the Natural Environment: Sustainable and Healthy Artificial Environments for Hot-Humid and Warm-Humid Climates
Kochan; Ahmet ; Colak; Altay ; Uzun; Tolga ; Berkman; Ayberk N ; Yegin; Mustafa ; Gunes; Erkan

5 Green Sustainable Island by Implementation of Environmental; Health; Safety and Energy Strategy in KISH Trading-Industrial Free Zones-IRAN
Padash; Amin ; Khodaparast; M. ; Zahirian; A. ; Kaabi Nejadian; A.

6 An Analysis of two Sustainable Projects in the Light of the LEED-NC and LEED-ND Rating Systems
Roseta-Vaz-Monteiro; F. ; Karayianni-Vasconcelos; E.M.

7 Energy Demand and Available Technologies Analysis for District Heating Cooling Applications in a Science and Technology Park (PTA) in a Mediterranean country
Zubizarreta; R. ; Cejudo; J.M. ; Jiménez; J.P.

8 Sustainable Parameters for Latin American Cities
Corbella; Oscar D. ; Silva Barbosa; Gisele ; Drach; Patricia R.C.

9 Urban Microclimates and Renewable Energy Use in Cities
Turkbeyler; Erdal ; Yao; Runming ; Day; Tony

10 Development of a Concept for Ecological City Planning for St. Petersburg; Russia
Nystedt; Åsa ; Sepponen; Mari

11 Challenges for Developing a System for Biogas as Vehicle Fuel - Lessons from Linkoping; Sweden
Berglund; Björn ; Ersson; Carolina ; Eklund; Mats ; Martin; Michael

12 Estimation of Renewable Energy Potential and Use: A Case Study of Hokkaido; Northern-Tohoku Area and Tokyo Metropolitan; Japan
Wakeyama ; Tatsuya ; Ehara ; Sachio

13 Evaluating the Greenhouse Gas Impact from Biomass Gasification Systems in Industrial Clusters - Methodology and Examples
Holmgren; Kristina M. ; Berntsson; Thore ; Andersson; Eva ; Rydberg; Tomas

14 Application of CHP Gas Engine Plant for a Detergent Factory: Energy and Environmental Aspects
Ameri; Mohammad ; Mohammad Ali Afsharzadeh; Seyed

15 Combined Optimal Placement of Solar; Wind and Fuel cell Based DGs Using AHP
Singh; A.K. ; Parida; S.K.

16 Exploring the Sustainability of Industrial Production and Energy Generation with a Model System
Kotecha; Prakash R. ; Diwekar; Urmila M. ; Cabezas; Heriberto

17 Natural Lonizing System of Electrical Protection against Atmospheric Discharges (Lightning)
Cabareda.; L.

18 Implementing Bioenergy Villages - A Promising Strategy for Decarbonizing Rural Areas?
Jenssen; Till ; König; Andreas ; Eltrop; Ludger

19 Sustainable Regional Development through the Use of Photovoltaic (PV) systems. The Case of the Thessaly Region
Mitoula; Roido ; Abeliotis; Konstadinos ; Vamvakari; Malvina ; Gratsani; Athina

20 Integrated Community Energy Modelling: Developing Map-Based Models to Support Energy and Emissions Planning in Canadian Communities
Webster; Jessica ; Korteling; Brett ; Gilmour; Brent ; Margerm; Katelyn ; Beaton; John

21 Carbon Neutral Village: The Australian Model
Stewart; Joanne ; Anda; Martin ; Goodfield; David ; Ho; Goen ; Mathew; Kuruvilla

22 Improving Energy and Material Flows: A Contribution to Sustainability in Megacities
Mejía Dugand; S. ; Hjelm; O. ; Baas; L.W.

23 Renewable Energy Mapping in Maharashtra; India Using GIS
Kulkarni; Sampada ; Banerjee; Rangan

24 Project Management and Institutional Complexity in Domestic Housing Refurbishment with Innovative Energy Solutions. A Case Study Analysis
Hoppe; Thomas ; Lulofs; Kris R.D.

25 Improvements in Environmental Performance of Biogas Production from Municipal Solid Waste and Sewage Sludge
Eriksson; Ola ; Bisaillon; Mattias ; Haraldsson; Mårten ; Sundberg; Johan

26 Environmental Thermal Impact Assessment of Regenerated Urban Form: A Case Study in Sheffield
Fahmy; Mohammad ; Hathway; Abigail ; Pattacini; Laurence ; Elwan; Amr

27 Mitigating Heat Gain Using Greenery of an Eco-House in Abu Dhabi
Al-Sallal; Khaled A. ; Al-Rais; Laila

28 Solar Energy in Urban Community in City of Salzburg; Austria
Strasser; Helmut ; Mahler; Boris ; Dorfinger; Norbert

29 Towards a 2kW City - The Case of Zürich
Wilke; Urs ; Papadopoulou; Maria ; Robinson; Darren

30 Application of Mechanical Heat Treatment for the Recovery of Plastics as Energy Resource
Tseng; Jyi-Yeong ; Hung; Zang-Sie ; Chang; Chia-Chi ; Wang; Yen-Chi ; Ji; Dar-Ren ; Ko; Chun-Han ; Chen; Yi-Hung ; Shie; Je-Lueng ; Li; Yuan-Shen ; Chang; Chungfang Ho ; Wang; Shi Guan ; Liu; Kuang Wei ; Tseng; Shu-Lin ; Chang; Ching-Yuan

31 Integrated Waste Management as a Mean to Promote Renewable Energy
Eriksson; Ola ; Bisaillon; Mattias ; Haraldsson; Mårten ; Sundberg; Johan

32 Determination of the Operating Regimes of CHP Turbines with Stage-wise Heating of District Heating System Water
Guzovic; Zvonimir ; Jukic; Perica ; Loncar; Drazen

33 Potential for Low-Temperature Energy Usage at Power Plant’s Cold End in Order to Increase Energy Efficiency
Mijakovski; Vladimir I. ; Mijakovski; Nikola

34 An Evaluation of Internal Combustion Engines as the Prime Movers in CHP Systems
Aghaei Meybodi; Mehdi ; Behnia; Masud

35 Air Gasification of Palm Empty Fruit Bunch in a Fluidized Bed Gasifier Using Various Bed Materials
Lahijani; Pooya ; Najafpour; Ghasem D. ; Alimuddin Zainal; Zainal ; Mohammadi; Maedeh

36 Future-Proofed Design for Sustainable Urban Settlements: Integrating Futures Thinking into the Energy Performance of Housing Developments
Georgiadou; Maria-Christina P. ; Hacking; Theophilus

37 Space-Time of Solar Radiation as Guiding Principle for Energy and Materials Choices: Embodied Land Instead of Primary Energy as Universal Performance indicator
Rovers; Ronald ; Broers; Wendy ; de Flander; Katleen ; Rovers ; Vera

38 Energy Efficient Building in Third Climatic Region of Turkey
Cubuk; M.H. ; Emanet; Ö. ; Agra; Ö.

39 Urban Materials for Comfortable Open Spaces
Dessì; Valentina

40 The Franklin District of Mulhouse: First French Experience of Low Energy Building Renovation in a Historic Area of the City Centre
Boutaud; Benoit ; Koch; Andreas ; Girault; Pascal

41 Energy Efficient Communities - A Collaboration Project of the International Energy Agency IEA
Jank ; Reinhard

42 Experimental Investigation of the Use of Lignite Ash for Roof Solar Cooling
Vardoulakis; Eftychios ; Karamanis; Dimitris

43 Building Refurbishment to Passive House Standards of the Quarter Brogården in Alingsås; Sweden
Zinko; Heimo

44 Energy Performance Indicators for Neighbourhoods Applied on CONCERTO Projects
Pol; Olivier

45 Towards a Net Zero Building Cluster Energy Systems Analysis for US Army Installations
Zhivov; Alexander ; Liesen; Richard J. ; Richter; Stephan ; Jank; Reinhard ; Underwood; David M. ; Neth; Dieter ; Woody; Alfred ; Björk; Curt ; Duncan; Scot

46 A Study of Urban Form and the Integration of Energy Supply Technologies
Cheng; Vicky ; Deshmukh; Sandip ; Hargreaves; Anthony ; Steemers; Koen ; Leach; Matthew

47 IEA-ECBCS Annex 51: Energy Efficient Communities. Experience from Denmark
Dalla Rosa; A. ; Svendsen; S.

48 Towards Optimization of Urban Planning and Architectural Parameters for Energy use Minimization in Mediterranean Cities
Neophytou; M. ; Fokaides; P. ; Panagiotou; I. ; Ioannou; I. ; Petrou; M. ; Sandberg; M. ; Wigo; H. ; Linden; E. ; Batchvarova; E. ; Videnov; P. ; Dimitroff; B. ; Ivanov; A.

49 Case Atudy on the Effects of Smart Energy Community Construction at Kanazawa Seaside District in Yokohama
Yoshida; Satoshi ; Sadohara; Satoru ; Ikuta; Yuichi ; Kuzuki; Ryota ; Ichikawa; Toru

50 Study on Low Carbon Energy Supply to the District Heating and Cooling Plants and Buildings with a Waste Heat Pipeline in Yokohama City
Ichikawa; Toru ; Kuzuki; Ryota ; Yoshida; Satoshi ; Sadohara; Satoru

51 Study on the Non-Energy Benefit (NEB) of Area-Wide Energy Utilization and Evaluation of the Marginal Abatement Cost
Kuzuki; Ryota ; Murakami; Shuzo ; Ikaga; Toshiharu ; Sadohara; Satoru ; Yoshida; Satoshi ; Ichikawa; Toru ; Kato; Yoshio ; Tanaka; Tsutsumi ; Ikuta; Yuichi ; Aozasa; Ken

52 Regional Climate and Energy Strategies: Actors; Responsibilities; and Roles
Palm; J.

53 Wave Power Resource in Iran for Electrical Power Generation
Faiz; Jawad ; Ebrahimi-salari; M.

54 Effects of Environmental Taxation on District Heat Production Structures
Gustavsson; Leif ; Le Truong; Nguyen ; Dodoo; Ambrose ; Sathre; Roger

55 Energy Neutral Districts? Key to Transition towards Energy Neutral Built Environment!
Willems; Eric M.M. ; Jablonska; Bronia ; Jan Ruig; Gerrit ; Krikke; Tom

56 A Forecast of Effective Energy Efficient Policies for the Building Sector in Shanghai through 2050
Xing; Rui ; Ikaga; Toshiharu ; Strubegger; Manfred

57 The Institutional Dimension of Rural Electrification in the Brazilian Amazon
Gómez; Maria ; Silveira; Semida

58 The Mágina Project. The Renewables Potential for Electricity Production in the Province of Jaén; Southern Spain
Terrados; J. ; Ruiz-Arias; J.A. ; Hontoria; L. ; Almonacid; G. ; Pérez; P.J. ; Pozo-Vázquez; D. ; Gallego; F.J. ; Gómez; P. ; Castro; E. ; Martín-Mesa; A. ; del Jesús; M.J.

59 Different Regional Scenarios of Renewable Energies Analyzed with the Use of Analytic Network Process
Comino; Elena ; Riggio ; Vincenzo ; Rosso; Maurizio

60 The Händelö area in Norrköping; Sweden. Does it fit for Industrial Symbiosis development?
Hatefipour; Saeid ; Baas; Leenard ; Eklund; Mats

61 Dynamics of Energy Consumption Patterns in Turkey: Its Drivers and Consequences
Bölük; Gülden ; Ali Koc; A.

62 Optimization of a Renewable Energy Supply System on a Remote Area: Berlenga Island Case Study
Amaral; L. ; Martins; N. ; Gouveia; J.

63 Pathway to a Fully Sustainable Global Energy System by 2050
Deng; Yvonne Y ; Klaus; Sebastian ; Cornelissen; Stijn ; van der Leun; Kees ; Blok; Kornelis

133 Promoting Renewable Energy Through Green Procurement and Impact Assessment
Uttam; Kedar ; Balfors; Berit ; Mörtberg; Ulla

Session 13

Sustainable Transport

1 The Use of Sustainable Travel Planning Strategies within Remote Cities
Ismail; Mohamed H

2 Not Planning a Sustainable Transport System - Swedish Case Studies
Finnveden; Göran ; Åkerman; Jonas

3 Sustainable Bus Transports through Less Detailed Contracts
Lidestam; Helene

4 Analysis of Alternative Policy Instruments to Promote Electric Vehicles in Austria
Gass; Viktoria ; Schmidt; Johannes ; Schmid; Erwin

5 Comparative Analysis of Performance and Combustion of Koroch Seed Oil and Jatropha Methyl Ester blends in a Diesel Engine
Gogoi; Tapan K. ; Talukdar; Shovana ; Baruah; Debendra C.

6 Performance Study of a Diesel Engine by Using Producer Gas from Selected Agricultural Residues on Dual-Fuel Mode of Diesel-cum-Producer Gas
Ghosal; M.K. ; Das; D.K. ; Dash; S.P.

7 Comparative Study on Performance of Straight Vegetable Oil and its FAME with respect to Common Diesel Fuel in Compression Ignition Engine
Sabyasachi Singh; Soumya Sri ; Ray; Dwijendra Kumar ; Misra; Sunasira ; Parida; Soumya ; Sahu; Debendra Kumar

8 An Experimental Investigation on Performance and Emissions of a Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled with Hydrogen-Diesel Blends
Maki; Duraid F. ; Prabhakaran; P.

9 Combustion Characteristics of an Indirect Injection (IDI) Diesel Engine Fueled with Ethanol/Diesel and Methanol/Diesel Blends at Different Injection Timings
Turkcan; Ali ; Canakci; Mustafa

10 Land Use; Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fossil Fuel Substitution of Giofuels Compared to Bioelectricity Production for Electric Cars in Austria
Schmidt; Johannes ; Gass; Viktoria ; Schmid; Erwin

11 Technological Challenges for Alternative Fuels Technologies in the EU. A well-to-Tank Assessment and Scenarios Until 2030 Considering Technology Learning
Toro; Felipe ; Wietschel; Martin

12 Impact of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles on Tehranand#8217;s Electricity Distribution Grid
Hakimi; S. M. ; Moghaddas-Tafrshi; S. M.

13 Analysis of the CO2 and Energy Demand Reduction Potentials of Passenger Vehicles Based on the Simulation of Technical Improvements Until 2030
Toro; Felipe ; Reitze; Felix ; Jain; Sulabh ; Jochem; Eberhard

14 Experimental Performance of an R134a Automobile Heat Pump System Coupled to the Passenger Compartment
Direk; M. ; Hosoz; M. ; Yigit; K.S. ; Canakci; M. ; Turkcan; A. ; Alptekin; E. ; Sanli; A. ; Ozguc; A.F.

15 Prospects for Eliminating Fossil Fuels from the Electricity and Vehicle Transport Sectors in New Zealand
Leaver; Jonathan D ; Leaver; Luke HT

16 Advanced Research Strategy for Designing the Car of the Future
Gkagkas; Konstantinos ; Ambeck-Madsen; Jonas ; Sakata; Ichiro

17 Electric Vehicle with Charging Facility in Motion using Wind Energy
Ferdous; S.M. ; Bin Khaled; Walid ; Ahmed; Benozir ; Salehin; Sayedus ; Ghani Ovy; Enaiyat

18 Whole-system Optimisation for Carbon Footprints Reduction of Corn Bioethanol
Zamboni; Andrea ; Shah; Nilay ; Bezzo; Fabrizio

19 Effects of Biodiesel Fuel Use on Vehicle Emissions
Anderson; Larry G.

20 First Experiences of Ethanol Hybrid Buses Operating in Public Transport
Wikström; Martina ; Folkesson; Anders ; Alvfors; Per

21 Local Production of Bioethanol to Meet the Growing Demands of a Regional Transport System
Daianova; Lilia ; Thorin; Eva ; Yan; Jinyue ; Dotzauer; Erik

Session 14

Solar Thermal Applications

1 Environmental Regulation; Solar Energy Technology Components and International Trade - An Empirical Analysis of Structure and Drivers
Groba; Felix

2 Environmental Impacts of Solar Thermal Systems with Life Cycle Assessment
de Laborderie; Alexis ; Puech; Clément ; Adra; Nadine ; Blanc; Isabelle ; Beloin-Saint-Pierre; Didier ; Padey; Pierryves ; Payet; Jérôme ; Sie; Marion ; Jacquin; Philippe

3 Solar Energy Measurement on the South African East Coast
Zawilska; E. ; Brooks; M.J.

4 Investigation of Solar Collector Systems Use in Latvia
Shipkovs; P. ; Lebedeva; K. ; Kashkarova; G. ; Migla; L. ; Pankars; M.

5 New Method for Predicting the Performance of Solar Pond in any Sunny Part of the World
Sharif; Adel O. ; Al-Hussaini; Hazim ; Alenezi; Ibrahim A.

6 Choice of Solar Share of a Hybrid Power Plant of a Central Receiver System and a Biogas Plant in Dependency of the Geographical Latitude
Alexopoulos; Spiros ; Hoffschmidt; Bernhard ; Rau; Christoph ; Sattler; Johannes

7 Building-integrated Solar Collector (BISC)
Huang; Bin-Juine ; Lin; Yu-Hsing ; Ton; Wei-Zhe ; Hou; Tung-Fu ; Chuang; Yi-Hung

8 Passive Solar Design in Schools for the Protection of the Environment Greece: A Case Study
Economou; Agisilaos

9 Modeling of the Seawater Greenhouse Systems
Salehi; G.R. ; Ahmadpour; M. ; Khoshnazar; H.

10 An Exergy Based Unified Test Protocol for Solar Cookers of Different Geometries
Kumar; Naveen ; Vishwanath; G. ; Gupta; Anurag

11 Evaluation of an Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal Solar (IPVTS) Water Heating System for Various Configurations at Constant Collection Temperature
Kumar Mishra; Rajeev ; Tiwari; G.N.

12 Design of a Latent Heat Energy Storage System Coupled with a Domestic Hot Water Solar Thermal System
Murray; Robynne ; Desgrosseilliers; Louis ; Stewart; Jeremy ; Osbourne; Nick ; Marin; Gina ; Safatli; Alex ; Groulx; Dominic ; White; Mary Anne

13 Retrofitting Domestic Hot Water Tanks for Solar Thermal Collectors. A Theoretical Analysis
Bernardo; Luís Ricardo ; Davidsson; Henrik ; Karlsson; Björn

14 Travelling Energy Collectors
Kussul; Ernst ; Baidyk; Tatiana ; Saniger; José ; Lara; Felipe ; Bruce; Neil

15 Configuration of Daylighting System via Fibers and Experiments of Concentrated Sunlight Transmission
Song; JF ; Yang; YP ; Hou; HJ ; Zhang; MX

16 Type12 and Type56: a Load Structure Comparison in TRNSYS
Persson; Helena ; Perers; Bengt ; Carlsson; Bo

17 Reducing Energy Consumption in Natural Gas Pressure Drop Stations by Employing Solar Heat
Rezaei; Mohammad ; Farzaneh-Gord; Mahmood ; Arabkoohsar; Ahmad ; Dasht-bayaz; Mahdi Deymi

18 Performance of Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (HPVT) Biogas Plant
Kant; Prabha ; Kumar Mishra; Rajeev ; Tiwari; G.N.

19 Air Bottoming Cycle for Hybrid Solar-Gas Power Plants
Khaldi; Fouad

20 Economic Implications of Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power
Wagner; Sharon J. ; Rubin; Edward S.

21 Social and Technical Aspects in Solar System Design
Wójcicka-Migasiuk; Dorota ; Chochowski; Andrzej

22 On the Significance of Concentrated Solar Power RandD in Sweden
Strand; Torsten ; Spelling; James ; Laumert; Björn ; Fransson; Torsten

23 Experimental Heat Transfer Research in Enhanced Flat-Plate Solar Collectors
Herrero Martín; R. ; Pinar; A. García ; García; J. Pérez

24 Closed Environment Design of Solar Collector Trough using Lenses and Reflectors
Shariar; Kazy Fayeen ; Ovy; Enaiyat Ghani ; Hossainy; Tabassum Aziz

25 Optimum Integration of a Large Size Collector to a Solar Thermal Power Plant
Yaghoubi; M. ; Zarrini; S. ; Mirhadi; S.

26 Theoretical Modelling of a Dynamic Solar Thermal Desalination Unit with a Fluid Piston Engine
Belgasim; B. ; Mahkamov; K

27 Theoretical Study of the Aspect Ratio of a Solar Still with Double Slopes
Madhlopa; A. ; Clarke; J.A.

28 Concentrating Solar Power Plants for Electricity and Desalinated Water Production
Kalogirou; Soteris A.

29 Analysis of Solar Lithium Bromide-Water Absorption Cooling System with Heat Pipe Solar Collector
Falahatkar; Amir ; Khalaji Assadi; M.

30 Design Analysis for Expansion of Shiraz Solar Power Plant to 500 kW Power Generation Capacity
Azizian; K. ; Yaghoubi; M. ; Hesami; R. ; Kanan; P.

31 Thermal Regimes in Solar-Thermal Linear Collectors
Muñoz; Javier ; Martínez-Val; José M. ; Abbas; Rubén

32 Surface Temperature Distribution and Energy Gain from Semi-Spherical Solar Collector
Pelece; Ilze ; Ziemelis; Imants ; Iljins; Uldis

33 The Effectivity of a Hybrid Solar Distillator Directly Combined with a Solar Cell
Murase; Kazuo ; Yao; Tin ; Aoyagi; Toki ; Okuyama; Keishi

34 Comparative Energy and Exergy Analysis of Various Passive Solar Distillation Systems
Singh; Ragh Vendra ; Dev; Rahul ; Hasan; M.M. ; Tiwari; G.N.

35 Simulation of a Solar Assisted Combined Heat Pump-Organic Rankine Cycle-System
Schimpf; Stefan ; Uitz; Karsten ; Span; Roland

36 Optimisation of Low Temperature Difference Solar Stirling Engines using Genetic Algorithm
Kraitong; Kwanchai ; Mahkamov; K

37 Performance Prediction and Experimental Analysis of a Solar Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioner
Alizadeh; S. ; Haghgou; H.R.

38 Investigation on Radiative Load Ratio of Chilled Beams on Performances of Solar Hybrid Adsorption Refrigeration System for Radiant Cooling in Subtropical City
Fong; K.F. ; Lee; C.K. ; Chow; T.T.

39 A Hybrid Solar-Gas Air Conditioning System Based on Adsorption and Chilled Water Storage
Leite; Antonio P. F. ; Riffel; Douglas B. ; Ribeiro; Celina M.C. ; Belo; Francisco A. ; Domingos; Paulo V.S.R. ; Sarmento; Daniel ; Soares; Manoel B. ; Nascimento; Leonaldo J.L.

40 Performance Analysis of the Solar-Thermal Assisted Air-Conditioning System Installed in an Office Building
Okumiya; Masaya ; Shinoda; Takuya ; Ukai; Makiko ; Tanaka; Hideki ; Yoshinaga; Mika ; Kato; Kazuyuki ; Shimizu; Toshiharu

41 Characterization of Nanostructure Black Nickel Coatings for Solar Collectors
Ghasempour; Z. ; Rozati; S.M.

42 Investigations of Heating Process and Absorber Materials in Air Heating Collector
Aboltins; Aivars ; Palabinskis; Janis

43 Characterization of Black Chrome Films Prepared by Electroplating Technique
Jafari; S. ; Rozati; S.M.

44 Selective Solar Absorber Coating Research at the CSIR (South Africa)
Roro; K.T. ; Tile; N. ; Yalisi; B. ; De Gama; M. ; Wittes; T. ; Roberts; T. ; Forbes; A.

45 Steel-Tinplate as a Solar Wall Panel and Its Effectiveness
Ruskis; G. ; Aboltins; A. ; Palabinskis; J.

46 Nano Structure Black Cobalt Coating for Solar Absorber
Toghdori; G. ; Rozati; S.M. ; Memarian; N. ; Arvand; M. ; Bina; M.H.

47 Combining the Radiative; Conductive and Convective Heat Flows in and Around a Skylight
Fält; Martin ; Zevenhoven; Ron

48 Development of a Solar Intermittent Refrigeration System for Ice Production
Moreno-Quintanar; G. ; Rivera; W. ; Best; R.

49 Development of Model Solar Kitchen with Green Energy for Demonstration and Application in Rural Areas
Rout; Sanjib Kumar

Session 15

Wind Energy Applications

1 Wind Energy Resources of the South Baltic Sea
Hasager; Charlotte ; Badger; Jake ; Bingöl; Ferhat ; Clausen; Niels-Erik ; Hahmann; Andrea ; Karagali; Ioanna ; Peña; Merete Badger Alfredo

2 The Wind Energy Potential in the Coasts of Persian Gulf Used in Design and Analysis of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
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