GigaHertz 2003. Proceedings from the Seventh Symposium

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 8 (2003)

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Redaktör(er): Frennberg; Hans (ed.)

Publicerad: 2003-11-06


ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

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1 Measurement; analysis; modelling; and digital predistortion of RF/microwave power amplifiers
Rönnow; D.

2 Recent Results from SiC Research Project at Thales: Effect of Passivation on Device Stability and Gate Reverse Characteristics on 4H-SIC Mesfets
Kerlain; A. ; Morvan; E. ; Dua; C. ; Caillas; N. ; Brylinski; C.

3 An 1 GHz Class E LDMOS Power Amplifier
Ådahl; Andreas ; Zirath; Herbert

4 Design of a pulsed; 10 W; Ku-Band Solid-State Amplifier for Radar Transmitters
Andersson; Ann-Marie ; Fransson; Anders ; Sällberg; Göran ; Svensson; Carl-Gustaf

5 Adaptive predistorter design for nonlinear high power amplifiers
Behravan; A. ; Eriksson; T. ; Svensson; A. ; Zirath; H.

6 High-frequency SiGe MMICs - an industrial perspective
Li; Yinggang ; Jacobsson; Harald L ; Bao; Mingquan ; Lewin; Thomas

7 7.6-8.6GHz Agile Image Reject On-Chip Receiver Front-End For Adaptive X-Band Smart Skin Array Antennas
Malmqvist; R. ; Alfredson; M. ; Samuelsson; C. ; Nilsson; T. ; Ferrer; I. ; Gustafsson; A.

8 Cryogenic 1.5-4.5 GHz ultra low noise amplifier
Wadefalk; Niklas ; Mellberg; Anders ; Angelov; Iltcho ; Choumas; Emmanuil ; Kollberg; Erik ; Rorsman; Niklas ; Starski; Piotr ; Stenarson; Jörgen ; Zirath; Herbert

9 An Ultra Broadband Upconverter Circuit
Tengs; Audun ; Forsberg; Marie ; Johansson; Stefan ; Lingsten; Johan

10 Modelling and Simulation of Reconfigurable RF-Architectures in Multifunction Antenna Systems
Boman; Tomas ; Alfredson; Mattias

11 Statistical methods for FET-model extraction
Kristoffer Andersson; Christian Fager; Peter Linnér ; Herbert Zirath

12 Wireless Towards 4G? (article not available)
Olsson; H

13 Low Power Radio Transmitter
Johan Wernehag ; Henrik Sjöland

14 OptCom - a 100 Gbit/s transciever demonstrator project
Thomas Swahn; Joakim Hallin; Torgil Kjellberg; Camilla Kärnfelt; Bengt-Erik Olsson; Magnus Andersson; Herbert Zirath ; Ulf Mattsson

16 SoCTRix - A 4G Radio Research Project - Status 2003
P. Blomqvist; P. Eriksson ; M. Wågman

17 50-nm gate-length InP-based HEMTs for millimeterwave applications
Anders Mellberg; Per-Åke Nilsson; Niklas Rorsman; Jan Grahn ; Herbert Zirath

18 Heterostructure barrier varactor frequency triplers and quintuplers for THz electronics
Mattias Ingvarson; Arne Øistein Olsen; Erik Kollberg; Jan Stake

19 Slot antennas and quasioptical beamforming for cost-efficient integrated automotive radar
Chouvaev ; Denis ; Danestig; Magnus

20 Silicon Substrate Integrated Tuneable Ferroelectric Devices for Microwave Applications
S. Gevorgian; A. Vorobiev; D. Kuylenstierna; P. Rundqvist ; S. Abadei

21 Novel Band-Pass Filter Utilizing S-shaped Slot Line Resonators
A. Deleniv; A. Eriksson ; A. Khalabuhov

22 LTCC and glob-top packaging for 24 GHz MMICs with integrated antennas
Öjefors; Erik ; Rydberg; Anders

23 Some aspects of modeling of dense high speed TL interconnects for printed boards
Koptioug; Andrei ; Hesselbom; Hjalmar

24 Can microwave exposure cause health effects? (article not available)
Hansson Mild; K

25 Presentation from HSEP (article not available)
Zirath; H.

26 Presentation from Vinnova (article not available)
Ragnarsson; S.-I.

27 Tuned Active Inductor and Switched Bandpass Amplifier in CMOS Technology
Grözing; Markus ; Moser; Daniel ; Berroth; Manfred

28 A non-overlapping two-phase clock generator with adjustable duty cycle
Karlsson; Magnus ; Vesterbacka; Mark ; Kulesza; Wlodek

29 On-chip tuning of RF active filters
Chaivipas; Win ; Danestig; Magnus ; Ismail; Mohammed ; Johansson; Henrik ; Billonnet; Laurent

30 Estimation of Phase Noise for QPSK Modulation over AWGN Channels
Munier; Florent ; Alpman; Eric ; Eriksson; Thomas ; Svensson; Arne ; Zirath; Herbert

31 A new approach in beamforming of CDMA signals (article not available)
Karami; Ebrahim ; Shiva; Mohsen

32 WLAN/W-CDMA dual-mode receiver architecture design trade-offs
Olsson; Joacim

33 Design and characterization of a broadband SiC power amplifier
Jonsson; R. ; Rudner; S. ; Harris; C. ; Konstantinov; A.

34 Fabrication and characterization of submicron AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
Desmaris; Vincent ; Eriksson; Joakim ; Rorsman; Niklas ; Zirath; Herbert

35 Depletion mode insulating gate 4H-SiC Field Effect Transistor for RF power amplifiers (article not available)
Jonsson; R. ; Wahab; Q. ; Rudner; S.

36 4H-SiC MOSFETs with N2O Grown Gate Oxid
Gudjónsson; Gudjón ; Ólafsson; Halldór Ö. ; Nilsson; Per-Åke ; Sveinbjörnsson; Einar Ö. ; Zirath; Herbert

37 Characterization of SiC HF-Power MESFETs up to 250°C
Liu; W. ; Zetterling; C.-M. ; Östling; M. ; Eriksson; J. ; Rorsman; N. ; Zira; H.

38 A high frequency SiC bipolar transistor design optimization using process and device simulations
Danielsson; Erik ; Zetterling; Carl-Mikael ; Östling; Mikael

39 Investigation of the scalability of 4H-SiC MESFETs for high frequency applications
Rorsman; N. ; Nilsson; P. Å. ; Eriksson; J. ; Andersson; K. ; Zirath; H.

40 Prediction of power amplifier intermodulation distortion behavior
Fager; Christian ; Zirath; Herbert

41 Investigation of RF Power Amplifiers for 802.11a Mobile Terminals
González; Ana

42 Frequency Domain Quadrature Error Correction
Händel; Ulf

43 Measurements of Radiated Power and Radiated Receiver Sensistivity in Reverberation Chambers
Orlenius; Charlie ; Kildal; Per-Simon

44 Radiated measurements of mobile phones using reverberation chamber
Madsén; Kent

45 7.6-8.6GHz Tunable Active MMIC Filter For Agile On-Chip X-Band Radar Receiver Front-Ends
Malmqvist; Robert ; Samuelsson; Carl ; Nilsson; Tony ; Ferrer; Isabel ; Gustafsson; Andreas

46 A variable gain MMIC amplifier
Masud; Anowar ; Ferndahl; Mattias ; Zirath; Herbert

47 SiGe BiCMOS LNAs and Tunable Active Filter for Future Wide-Band Multi-Purpose Array Antennas
Malmqvist; R. ; Hansson; M.

48 Key Circuits for a Reconfigurable and Bi-directional Beamformer for Ultra wideband Applications
Nilsson; Tony ; Samuelsson; Carl ; Alfredson; Mattias ; Ouacha; Aziz

49 A SiGe 24 GHz zero-IF downconverter
Lindberg; Peter ; Öjefors; Erik ; Rydberg; Anders

50 Broadband small size Balun built with Lumped Components
Kuylenstierna; Dan ; Linnér; Peter

51 A 14 GHz MMIC VCO for hybrid demonstrator applications
Kozhuharov; Rumen ; Kärnfelt; Camilla ; Zirath; Herbert

52 A comparison of topology and technology of balanced VCOs intended for use in a 60 GHz WLAN system
Ferndahl ; Mattias ; Zirath; Herbert

53 An Active Recursive RF Filter in 0.35 µm BiCMOS
Andersson; Stefan ; Svensson; Christer

54 Phase Noise Performance of Sapphire Microwave Oscillators in Airborne Radar systems
Wallin; T.; Josefsson; L. ; Lofter; B.

55 Depletion mode insulating gate 4H-SiC Field Effect Transistor for RF power amplifiers (article not available)
Haralson; Erik; Suvar; Erdal ; Wang; Yong-Bin ; Radamson; Henry H. ; Malm; B. Gunnar ; Östling; Mikael

56 Experimental and theoretical investigation of coplanar-plate capacitors on layered dielectric substrates
Abadei; Saeed ; Gevorgian; Spartak

57 CAD model of a radar receiver; with typical radar scenarios; in combined ADS and Matlab environment
Standert; Roland ; Grelsson; Bertil ; Axelsson; Sune ; Andersson; Ann-Marie ; Gustafsson; Andreas ; Folkesson; Kalle ; Ohlsson; Henrik

58 Noise Parameter Modeling of HEMTs and Nanometer-Scale CMOS Transistors with Gate Leakage Currents
Vickes; Hans-Olof ; Ferndahl; Mattias

59 Simulation and modeling of the substrate influence on the high frequency performance for RF LDMOS
Ankarcrona; Johan ; Eklund; Klas-Håkan ; Vestling; Lars ; Olsson; Jörgen

60 A Large Signal Model for High Power HBTs and BJTs
Angelov; I. ; Ferndahl; M. ; Ingvarson; F.

61 Fabrication and modeling of passive components for InP-based MMICs
Mellberg; Anders ; Choumas; Emmanuil ; Rorsman; Niklas ; Nicols; Samuel P. ; Grahn; Jan ; Zirath; Herbert

62 Characterisation of Metamorphic HEMTs for low-noise wideband amplifiers
Enze; Karine l; Grahn; Jan ; Mellberg; Anders ; Zirath; Herbert ; Rorsman; Niklas

63 Design; analysis and modelling of heterostructure barrier varactors for sub-millimetre wave frequency quintuplers
Ingvarso; Mattias ; Olsen Øistein; Arne ; Kollberg; Erik ; Stake; Jan

64 A 60 GHz Image Rejection Filter Manufactured Using a High Resolution LTCC Screen Printing Process
Ferrer; Isabel ; Svedin; Jan

65 Study of Cavity Resonances in Quasioptical Grid Amplifier with Hard-walled Waveguide Section
Kildal; Per-Simon ; Aquarelli; Lorenzo ; Verdú Lillo; José R. ; Weikle; Robert M. ; Zirath; Herbert

66 MMIC Local Oscillators Chains for mm-Wave Bands
Kozhuharov; Rumen ; Masuda; Toru; Zirath; Herbert ; Löwenmark; Vesa

67 pHEMT and mHEMT Ultra Wideband Millimeterwave Balanced Resistive Mixers
Gunnarsson; Sten ; Yhland; Klas ; Zirath; Herbert

68 Microwave power dependent properties of ferroelectric varactors
Rundqvist; Pär ; Vorobiev; Andrei ; Gevorgian; Spartak

69 Silicon substrate integrated high Q-factor parallel-plate ferroelectric varactors for microwave/millimeterwave applications
Vorobiev; A. ; Rundqvist; P. ; Khamchane; K. ; Gevorgian; S.

70 Microwave Characterization of Thin Ferroelectric Films
Deleniv; A. ; Abadei; S. ; Gevorgian; S.

71 Four-Pole Tunable Band-Pass Filter Based on Two Dual Mode SrTiO3 Disc Resonators
Deleniv; A. ; Eriksson; A. ; Gevorgian; S.

72 Tunable Ferroelectric Filter-Phase Shifter
Deleniv; A. ; Abadei; S. ; Gevorgian; S.

73 Tunable Ferroelectric Components in LTCC Technology
Deleniv; A. ; Hu; T.; Jantunnen; H. ; Gevorgian; S.

74 Research and Development of a SiC Static Induction Transistor
Dynefors; Kristina ; Desmaris; Vincent ; Eriksson; Joakim ; Rorsman; Niklas ; Zirath; Herbert

75 Measurement and evaluation of receiver protection circuitry for front-door protection
Nilsson; Tony ; Jonsson; Rolf

76 Circuit-board mounting using double-sided adhesive tape
Petersson; Björn ; Sundberg; Anders

77 FDTD analysis of multichip vertical interconnects
Rudnicki; Janusz ; Starski; J. Piotr

78 Implementation of MSM-detectors in a commercial GaAs PHEMT process
Andersson; Magnus ; Dillner; Lars ; Zirath; Herbert

79 Spectral line narrowing in coupled VCSE-laser oscillators for photonic microwave generation
Music; Haris ; Pendrill; Leslie