10th QMOD Conference. Quality Management and Organiqatinal Development. Our Dreams of Excellence; 18-20 June; 2007 in Helsingborg; Sweden

Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings 26 (2007)

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Redaktör(er): Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park and Jens J. Dahlgaard (eds)

Publicerad: 2008-02-15


ISSN: 1650-3686 (tryckt), 1650-3740 (online)

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1 Quality in the Value-Creating Network Society
Gummesson; Evert

2 The History of the European Quality Award Model - A Critical Analysis of its Strengths and Limits
Conti; Tito A.

3 Quality excellence by simulation - An approach in the field of Failure Management
Crostack; H.-A. ; Refflinghaus; Robert ; Schlüter; Nadine

4 Evolution of Reliability thinking Countermeasures for some technical issues
Lönnqvist; Åke

5 An Operationalization of Robust Design Methodology
Arvidsson; Martin ; Gremyr; Ida ; Hasenkamp; Torben

6 Probabilistic Variation Mode and Effect Analysis
Johannesson; Pär ; Svensson; Thomas ; Samuelsson; Leif

7 A Regional Industry Promotion Project
Amamoto; Yoshiki ; Kayaba; Tomoo ; Mori ; Kazuhiko ; Ono; Motohisa

8 Relocation of Production and Knowledge in the Territorial Systems of Third Italy: Firm Strategies; Absorptive Capacity and Innovation Processes
Grancelli; Bruno

9 Difficulties Facing Arab Service Sector Organisations in Merging TQM in their Culture
Al-Ghatam; Latifa

10 Benchmarking Quality-Promoting Organizations
Zaramdini; Walid

11 Patient Satisfaction as an Indicator of Service Quality in Malaysian Public Hospitals
Abd Manaf; Noor Hazilah ; Siew Nooi; Phang

12 Developing a Measurement System for Health-Related Quality Management
Lagrosen; Yvonne ; Bäckström; Ingela

13 Are You Viewing; Mapping or Managing Your Processes?
Hellström; Andreas ; Eriksson; Henrik

14 A Review of Historical Developments of Quality Assessment in Industry and Healthcare
Komashie; Alexander ; Mousavi ; Ali ; Gore; Justin

15 Towards a Stakeholder Methodology - Experiences from Public Eldercare
Wreder; Åsa ; Johansson; Peter ; Garvare; Rickard

16 Stakeholder Dialogue on Quality and Value Creation for a Sustainable Public Service
Johnson; Mikael

17 The Theology of Values in Policy Making
Gates; Donald K. ; Steane; Peter

18 Sciences of the Artificial; Artifacts and Quality Sciences
Mellby; Clas

19 Kansei Engineering System as a Catalyst
Ishihara; Shigekazu ; Tsuchiya; Toshio ; Nagamachi; Mitsuo ; Ishihara; Keiko ; Nishino; Tatsuo

20 Kansei Engineering Approach for Identifying “Total Quality” Elements
Lanzotti ; Antonio ; Tarantino; Pietro

21 Collecting Data for Kansei Engineering Studies
Schütte; Simon ; Schhütte; Rilda

22 Rough Set Model and its Application to Kansei Engineering
Nishino; Tatsuo ; Nagamachi; Mitsuo ; Okuo; Hiroyasu ; Itami; Takashi

23 European Excellence Award 2006 Learning by Doing
Aagaard; Lars

24 The Journey Towards Excellence
Juliussen; Palle

25 Perspectives and New Trend of Kansei / Affective Engineering
Nagamachi; Mitsuo

26 When Pursuing Quality Risks Innovation
Cole; Robert E ; Matsumiya; Tsuyoshi

27 Organizing Dreams: Exploring Futuristic Manufacturing Perspectives
Foo; Check Teck

28 A Standardised Approach to the World? Ikea in China
Johansson ; Ulf ; Thelander; Åsa

29 Technology as a Driver for Changing Customer-Provider Interfaces in Industrial Service Production
Kowalkowski; Christian ; Brehmer; Per-Olof

30 A Case Study
Andersson; Roy ; Ottosson; Tina

31 Searching for Possibilities to Reduce Harm to Patients in Medical Treatment
Maun; Andy ; Lifvergren; Svante ; Lenz; Richard ; Bergman; Bo

32 Improving Warfarin Treatment
Lifvergren; Svante ; Chakhunashvili; Alexander ; Bergman; Bo

33 A Large Scale Six Sigma Program at the Hospital Group of Skaraborg
Lifvergren; Svante ; Chakhunashvili; Alexander ; Bergman; Bo

34 Changes that Succeed
Gørup Christiansen; Niels

35 Excellence Journey of BHEL Haridwar - The Past; Present and Future
Jain; A. K. ; Talwar; Balvir

36 What Does Ethical Behaviour Mean in Management Activities?
Baccarani; Claudio

37 Excellence in Government
von Weber; Mark ; McAfee; O.

38 Action Science
Scheinberg; Sari ; Alänge; Sverker

39 Developing Distribution Chain Traceability in Continuous Processes
Kvarnström; Björn

40 Six Sigma and Work Satisfaction Consequences
Schön; Karin

41 Three Motivations on Antarctica in 1911-1912
Takeda; Kazutada

42 Process Improvement through Ergonomic Design in Welding Shop of an Automotive Factory
Kumru; Mesut ; K?hcogullar?; P?nar

43 Modelling GME and PLS Estimation Methods for Evaluating the Job Satisfaction in the Public Sector
Ciavolino; Enrico

44 Generalized Maximum Entropy Estimation Method for Studying the Effect of the Management’s Factors on the Enterprise Performances
Ciavolino; Enrico ; Dahlgaard; Jens J.

45 Comparison between Statistical and Lower / Upper Approximations Rough Sets Models for Beer Can Design and Prototype Evaluation
Hirata Okamoto; Ricardo ; Nishino; Tatsuo ; Nagamachi; Mitsuo

46 Affective Engineering Design of Waiting Areas in Swedish Health Centers
Alikalfa; Ebru ; Eklund; Jörgen ; Elg; Mattias

47 Data Mining Sales Data as a Pre-Cursor for Kansei Engineering
Coleman; Shirley ; Smith; Kathryn

48 The Development of the Affective Value in the Entertaining Interaction
Cardoso; Stéphanie

49 Towards a Process for Synthesising Affective Surface Textures
Henson; Brian ; Barnes; Cathy ; Agouridas; Vassilis ; Childs; Tom

50 New Principles; Tools; and Infrastructures for Quality Management in Modern Changed Business Environments
Anttila; Juhani

51 The impact of quality management principles on business performance - A Comparison Between Manufacturing and Service Organisations
Rönnbäck; Åsa ; Witell; Lars

52 A Holistic Model of Quality and Production
Svensson; Magnus ; Söderholm; Peter

53 Strategy; Quality Management and Competitive Intelligence
Santos António; Nelson ; Teixeira; António

54 Attractive Quality Creation through Customer Idea Generation
Witell; Lars ; Löfgren; Martin ; Gustafsson; Anders

55 The Impact of Mystery Customers on Employees
Douglas; Alex ; Douglas; Jacqueline ; Davies; John

56 The Usage of the Customer Concept in the Service Sector
Svensson; Magnus ; Wiklund; Håkan

57 Commercial Experiences from a Customer Perspective
Lilja; Johan ; Eriksson; Maria ; Ingelsson; Pernilla

58 Management in Product Development Projects-Potentialities and Starting Points for Application of Risk Management
Woll; Ralf

59 SABCube
Gørup Christiansen; Niels

60 Peculiarities of the Business Information Quality Assessment
Ruzevicius; Juozas

61 Investigating the Current Status and Role of Quality Managers in Greece
Fotis; Vouzas ; Katerina; Gotzamani ; Christos; Emmanouilides

62 Some thoughts about Problems in Quality Management in Small and Medium Enterprises
Hamrol; Adam

63 Quality Assurance in Russian Universities in the Context of the Bologna Process
Azaryeva; Vera V. ; Stepanov; Sergey A. ; Shaposhnikov; Sergey O.

64 Quality Management in Administrative Services of the Italian Universities
Tucci; Mario ; Cellesi; Luca

65 The Spellings Commission Report: An Attempt at Policy Determining Standards of Quality for American Universities
Padró; Fernando F.

66 An E-Commerce Site to Propose Gift Flower Arrangements that Fit Kansei and Social Manners
Ishihara; Keiko ; Nakagawa; Ryo ; Ishiahra; Shigekazu ; Nagamachi; Mitsuo

67 Kansei Analysis for Package Design of Regional Product
Tsuchiya; Toshio

68 Kansei Engineering Toolkit for the Packaging Industry
Barnes; Cathy ; Childs; Tom ; Henson; Brian ; Lillford; Stephen

69 An Affective Engineering Study of Vibrational Cues and Affect When Touching Car Interiors
Manfredi; Louise ; Henson; Brian ; Barnes; Cathy ; Childs; Tom

70 Multi Channel QFD
Bouwman; Harry ; Simons; Luuk

71 Rough Fuzzy Hybridisation in Quality Function Deployment
Zhai; Lian-Yin ; Khoo; Li-Pheng ; Zhong; Zhao-Wei

72 Investigations into More Exact Weightings of Customer Demands in QFD
Crostack; H.-A. ; Hackenbroich; I. ; Refflinghaus; R. ; Winter; D.

73 Cultivating Knowledge Methodically
Ott; Stefan ; Winzer; Petra

74 Diffusion of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Certification: An Analysis of Italian Commodity Sectors
Franceschini; Fiorenzo ; Galetto; Maurizio ; Mastrogiacomo; Luca ; Viticchiè; Luciano

75 ISO 9000 is Not An Economic Disease
Poksinska; Bozena

76 Leadership vs Management
Bohoris; George A. ; Vorria; Evanthia P.

77 Evolution of Quality Vision
Al Awar; Mansoor

78 Corporate Social Responsibility for Charity or for Service Business?
Enquist; Bo ; Edvardsson; Bo ; Sebathu; Samuel Petros

79 Socially Responsible Business: A Study of Lithuanian Organizations
Ruzevicius; Juozas ; Serafinas; Dalius

80 Strategies and Practices for Sustainability
Alänge; Sverker ; Holmberg; John ; Lundqvist; Ulrika

81 The Quality of Life Model as Attribute of the Sustainability Concept
Lepage; Alain

82 The Diffusion of Lean Production
Elg; Mattias ; Li; Nan ; Eklund; Jörgen

83 Achieving Shared Values
Eriksson; Maria ; Ingelsson; Pernilla ; Lilja; Johan

84 Lean Initiative in Logistics Service Providers
Brehmer; Per-Olof

85 How Organisations can Apply Lean Principles on Service Production
Palmberg; Klara

86 Objective Evaluation of Kansei by a Complementary Use of Physiological Indexes; Brain Wave and Facial Expressions for User Oriented Designs
Sakata; Toshio ; Watanuki; Shigeki ; Sakamoto; Hiroyasu ; Sumi; Toshio ; Kim; Yeon-Kyu

87 An EEG-and-HRV-Based Approach to Relationships between Pulse and Musical Tempo; and Effect on Relaxation
Murayma; Genki ; Kato; Shohei ; Itoh; Hidenori ; Kunitchi; Tsutomu

88 A Method for Evaluating Creativity in Linkography
Chou; Shyan-Bin

89 Methods for Linking the Semantic Space and the Space of Properties in Kansei Engineering
Almagro; Luis ; Subirats; Irene ; Tort-Martorell Llabrés; Xavier

90 Affective Impact of Warning-Signs A Study Utilizing Kansei Engineering Methodology
Schütte; Rilda ; Schütte; Simon

91 From Total Quality Management to Corporate Sustainabilitymbased on a Stakeholder Management
Zink; Klaus J.

92 Quality Management and Business Excellence; Customers and Stakeholders
Klefsjö; Bengt ; Bergquist; Bjarne ; Garvare; Rickard

93 Through the Distorting Looking Glass of Modern Management Theory
Petersen; Verner C.

94 On Creating Meaningful Engagements in Statistical Consulting
Kenett; Ron S.

95 QIC Analysis
Vanacore; Amalia

96 Customer Value
Setijono; Djoko

97 Quality Cost Modeling Process for Production Systems
Sentarh; Ínci

98 Development of a Database Management System Design Involving Quality Costs
Sentarh; Ínci ; Erdursun; Adnan ; Çaman; Deha

99 A Designed Experiment in a Continuous Process
Vanhatalo; Erik ; Vännman; Kerstin ; Hyllander; Gunilla

100 Quality Management in Digital Engineering
Yamada; Shu

101 Robust Ergonomic Design of a Video Display Terminal Work Station in Virtual Environment
Lanzotti; Antonio ; Vanacore; Amalia

102 An efficient and easy discretizing method for the treatment of noise factors in Robust Design
Lanzotti; Antonio ; Vanacore; Amalia

103 Learning from Chaos
Bäckström; Ingela ; Ingelsson; Pernilla ; Wiklund; Håkan

104 Designing Group Experiments to Analyse the Effectiveness of Marketing and Quality Management Methods for Conflict Solving
Bäsler; Maurice ; Rese; Alexandra ; Woll; Ralf ; Eckert; Marit

105 Crisis Communication
Falkheimer; Jesper ; Heide; Mats

106 Diffusion of Quality Management
Alänge; Sverker ; Steiber; Annika

107 The Archetype of Excellence in Universities and TQM
Anninos; Loukas N.

108 Quality Standards and Reputation in HE
Deliou; Cleopatra

109 Exploring the Interconnection of Known TQM Process Improvement Initiatives in Higher Education with Key CMMI Concepts
Dounos; Petros K. ; Bohoris; George A.

110 Enhancing Quality in Higher Education: The case of the University of Piraeus Careers Office- Entrepreneurship Service
Giziakis; Konstantinos ; Agapitou; Chrysa

111 University Performance Evaluation Approaches
Anninos; Loukas N.

112 Towards An Internet Based Visual Tool for Communication with Consumers in Early Phases of Product Development Process
Kristav; Per ; Sperling; Lena ; Warell; Anders

113 A Proposal of Support System for Product Development in Pickles on Kansei Engineering
Endo; Eiichi ; Ohba; Teruko ; Kumagai; Masayuki ; Sato; Mie ; Kasuga; Masao

114 User Experience Capturing through Make Do Innovation Sessions
Kälviäinen; Mirja

115 Mesh-Based 3D-Design Spaces for Complex Shapes in Kansei Engineering
Nordgren; Andreas ; Aoyama; Hideki

116 Visual Experience of Brand-Specific Automobile Design
Warell; Anders

117 A Study of Creative Value Design based on Lean DFSS
Park; Young H. ; Yoo; Choon B.

118 Design for Six Sigma and Lean Product Development
Fouquet; Jean-Baptiste ; Gremyr; Ida

119 Method Integration to enhance the Quality Capability of the Product Development Process
Schlund; Sebastian ; Ott ; Stefan ; Winzer; Petra

120 Control Chart Limits Setting when Data are Auto-Correlated
Noskievicová; Darja

121 New Method of Control Charts Analysis
Hamrol; Adam ; Kujawinska; Agnieszka

122 Apply Grid in Design to Bayes’ Procedure of Game Theory
Su; Jaw-Sin ; Su; Juei-Yang

123 A Piecewise Regression Model for Identifying the Strategic Inflection Point for Organizational Change
D’Avino; Debora ; Erto; Pasquale

124 Teaching Experiments and Student Feedback
Barone; Stefano ; Franco; Eva Lo

125 Quality Education in Italian Universities
La Rosa; Salvatore ; Franco; Eva Lo

126 The Way from Quality Management System to Excellence at the University Environment
Hutyra; Milan

127 Prerequisites for Quality Improvements in the Library
Hallberg; Anette

128 The Study of Quality Consulting Business Peculiarities in Lithuania
Ruzevicius; Juozas ; Serafina; Dalius

129 Effect of Face to Face Type Information Sharing and Motivation of an Employee on an Organizational Effectiveness
Miyashita; Fumiyoshi ; Katsuda; Miku ; Izui; Tsutomu

130 Kaizen within Kaizen Teams: Continuous and Process Improvements in a Spanish Municipality
Suárez-Barraza; Manuel F. ; Lingham; Tony

131 Knowledge Conversion in Teamwork with usage of Quality Tools
Starzynska; Beata

132 Kansei Engineering: A study on Perception of Online Clothing Websites
Anitawati; M. L. ; Nor Laila; M. N.

133 Effect of SmartPhone Aesthetic Design on Users’ Emotional Reaction: An Empirical Study
Nanda; Parul ; Bos; Jeff ; Kramer; Kem-Laurin ; Hay; Catharine ; Ignacz; Jennifer

134 A Factorial Design Experiment in Affective Combination of Visual and Tactile Stimuli in the Context of Keypads
Chen; Xiaojuan ; Henson; Brian ; Barnes; Cathy ; Childs; Tom

135 Design for Affect: A Case Study in the Design for Confectionery Packaging
Longstaff; James ; McKay; Alison ; Childs; Tom ; Gamal; Rachid

136 Creating and Test-driving Service Experiences Prior to Purchase and Consumption
Edvardsson; Bo ; Enquist; Bo ; Johnston; Robert

137 Customer Experience Management Influencing on Human Kansei to MOT
Nagasawa; Shin’ya

138 An Application of Kansei Engineering and Rough set Model to Designing a Comprehensive Ball Pen
Nagamachi; Mitsuo ; Nishino; Tatsuo ; Okuo; Hiroyasu ; Ito; Kouichi ; Itami; Takashi

139 Design of a Car Floor Carpet Using Kansei Engineering Approach
Nagamachi; Mitsuo ; Satsuta; Ryoichi ; Uematsu; Mika ; Sugihara; Shigeru

140 Kansei to Movement of Autonomous Robots
Ishihara; Keiko ; Harada; Miho ; Ishiahra; Shigekazu

141 Analyzing Kansei and Design Elements Relations with PLS
Ishihara; Shigekazu ; Nagamachi; Mitsuo ; Ishihara; Keiko

142 Morphometrics and Kansei Engineering
Ishihara; Shigekazu ; Ishihara; Keiko

143 Historical Origins and Development of Economic Rationalism
Gates; Donald K. ; Steane; Peter